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Hakujou no Sekai

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Well, here it is! I wanna say thank you to you developer sir for suggesting me to play your game and I want to apologise for not making the vid of my gameplay earlier. I want to apologise as well for I wasn't able to finish the game. Overall, your game is fantastically awesome yet so hard that my patience dried out hahaha! I am sure your game will be a top hit in no time! More Power and Stay Awesome!

Good day developers! I wanna say i really love your game! It is beautiful and i Love how you make a combination of the realistic photography and cute animations! I wanna play more of your game! Keep it up and Stay Awesome! I wanna share the vid i made :3 Hope you will like it XD

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Thank you developers for making such awesome cute game! I love it! I love its simplicity and cuteness, the background sounds like the birds chirping feels like i am in a real forest <3 Keep up the good work and I want to play more of it <3 Stay Awesome!

Thank you so much developers for creating such very interactive funny game hahaha! I myself enjoyed playing the game while recording. I stop by at level 3 because its hard but i plan to continue my gameplay on it if viewers ask for more episodes on it. Again thank you so much and More power to your team!