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watched her play, she jumped pretty badly on the jumpscare oof

She showed me some wonderful art pieces (and some of em were spicy and sussy)!

I'm in this screenshot and I like it!

she is pretty good I saw it happen first hand!

Aww I want more of this cute adorable stuff. You guys did a wonderful job! It's so fun and I just wish there was a whole lot more to explore and do. Excited about your future projects und I'm also curious about your previous games! Keep it uuuuup!!!!

So, I played this for an hour with my gf and it caught us offguard with the "HACK THE MAINFRAME" thing. Kinda spooky but in a cool way. We reached both endings and I gotta say clicking got addicting as soon as I found out that spacebar and Enter were clickable too!!!!! (but only when the cursor is on the piggy bank)

Note from my gf: Fluffs only live as long as they are happy. Happy. Happy. :)

Just came back to the game again after a while and it's still so fun! The aspect ratio is kinda phone-like weird but I like the experience it creates. The gun diversity is great and the overall gameplay is amazing. Great job!

This is such a fun game idea! didn't have time to check what my high score was (exited it accidentally) but I'm pretty dang good at it for sure! I hope to see your future projects with Godot. Keep it up!

Wishlisted this awesome game! It seems quite simple and bound to loads of luck but you really can strategize your way through the levels. I'd love to see the full realese as soon as possible! Great Job!

So, I've played like 40 mintes of this...what can I say. This is straight up fun! And look at this font here. Isn't it awesome and quite fitting! OddGiant, you've just found a new follower!

dangit! It's Telemochi all over again!

I come back and play this one every now and again. It's just plain ol'fun!

The controls are tight, the physics are awesome, the action is explosive, and the replayability gets you going! 

There are still things being added and I can't wait for more content.

Keep it up!!

Just finished it and man was this fun!!

I like every aspect of this litte game and I can't wait for more stuff you guys make!

Keep up the great work!

This was the most stressful experience I had in a while.....AND I LOVE IT!

This was a fun little game! Keep up the great work!

update: we really can't stop....send help

I love this little game! It's so much fun and gives me all the cozy vibes I could ask for! I've been playing this with my gf for like 2 hours now. Can't stop!

So, it's some sort of a rogue-like type of game that is still in its earliest stages. It's fun to play with friends at first but there is not a whole lot to do after a few levels. 

Well, at least for now. I'd love to see more content and polish. This could develop into something fantastic if Mr. GhostSpartan117 (I love Halo too dude!) puts in more work.

Keep it up Spartan!

Yes! Keep it up!

ps. I didn't rush anything stoopid!!

So....I've tried playing this with the bois there an ending? It's funny and all (especially considering that the characters are some sort of *cough* slaves. but...idk. definitely funny but that's about it lol

Just finished it for the first time and that boss is the giant blob like thing. I wouldn't say it's a bug more like a weird balance thing.

but all in all this is fantastic! I wouldn't wanna change a single thing (except for more conteeeeeent!!!!).


I freaking love this game!

This is such an amazingly fun card building game. Inscryption is shaking!!!

I've found some balance issues tho. That one giant monster dude who adds 30 shield on every second attack and deals 12 damages afterwards welll.....I was stuck there dealing a maximum of 22 damage per turn but I wasn't able to do so every single turn, so I ended up fighting him for like 20 minutes trying to get lucky with card draws.

But even with that this is such a good game! In 14 days? really?! Wizards! You guys are Wizards!

You guys go and create something amazing again! Together it will be amazinger!!!

This is a wonderfully created cosy game. It gives me the best vibes and I can't wait for more games like this. MORE!

Reached lvl 43 and man this is fun! Gameplay is just on point! Great Job!

Love this game! I can see the inspiration flowing through this game! Love it! Keep it up!

I've played a few hours of this now and maaaaaaan!

Nostalgia hit like a trainwreck!

You 3 guys really nailed it! Please keep it up!

This was so much fuuuuun! But the ending! Come ooooon! I wanted a happy end :(

On a serious note, this was awesome and very nostalgic-feeling. I loved it!

I was too blind for this one. liked the style of this tho

wth is this?

for 72 hours this game is phenomenal! I loved it! Would love to see more in the future!

I love this game! I was too dum dum for 2 levels buuuuut I wish there was more. Wonderful job Bad Piggy!

A really fun game. Got scared for absolutely no reason but that's exactly why I like this game. Keep up the work!! Can't wait for more!

Dude, I'm happy to see an update. And a new engine seems exciting! Can't wait for your work, you guys!

I'll check it out, thanks

I really loved the game mechanic of resetting everything just different and spookier. Really good game! Keep it up!

Ignore the spelling mistake in my thumbnail. Though don't ignore my reaction. That is not a mistake because playing the game was! Too much for me

I really enjoyed this little game. Got me too especially because of those stupid shadows. Great game!