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Love the style of this a lot. Gameplay is also sooooo fun! Keep it up!

One of the greatest rogue-likes imo! Such a fun game (been playing the android version). Cannot wait for more content. Keep it up you guys!

Love this game. Been playing the mobile version for quite some time now. I bought this version here for a friend a while ago and we can't wait for more. The screenshots look awesome!!

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First I got to say that this project is lovely! It's everything I'd want from a physics based fps.

I'll will look past all the cosmetic aspects and the look of the game. These things are either subject to change or generally ok

    • I do not quite get how climbing works. You hold onto a ledge and then suddenly look down to pull yourself up? Am I doing it right? it feels wrong lol. I mean it definitely works (sometimes).
    • By spawning over 100 bots the game will crash eventually. I believe as soon as there are too many ragdolls the game just says goodbye (I am running the game on a high end machine btw). I mean most maps in this are not made for more than a 100 bots anyways and I do not see the appeal for "number go up, me like". 
    • AI is very hard do implement correctly from my experience. Right now these bobbleheads run straight towards eachother and blast the hell out of one another. They strafe too while shooting which is cool and since everything wobbles their aim is not perfect. I like that a lot. But their pathfinding gets all messed up when they all spawn at the same location. Only one bot will move out of the mountain of bots every now and then till the gathering is over. Maybe more spawn points or a max spawn rate per tick could be a solution.

    And the name of this project. I mean come on. You create this wobbly ass fun and you cannot think of a better name? I guess this plays into the fun factor of it

    Keep it up!

    What a fun idea. Felt like a demo to what coop is going to be like from the wrong perspective lol

    very well done! keep it up!

    Dude what in god's name!...I didn't expect this to be playable. Actually wish there were some people playing this for some unreasonable reason

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    The game is a little broken right now because I made some major changes. I need to update the previous levels as well, that's why I removed the new version

    Very cool gameplay. I ran into a bug tho during my run. Couldn't drop my weapon anymore so I was stuck with an empty gun. Still great fun tho. Highly recommend!

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    In conclusion they are all dead and June will be dead too!

    That was cozy. Great music, cool characters, packaged in a fun  and cute style. Love it!

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    I like this little tool and the addtions are great! It makes something tiresome kinda fun. So, thank you for this

    Duuuuuude this is huuuge!!! Cannot wait to check it out tomorrow!! Great additions!

    Ps. Will be joining your discord sever too soon. I need more lore!!!

    and don't forget about the ability to become a ball like sonic or samus!! Stand still, crouch down, jump, and when landing on you butt move forward and press jump. Keep pressing jump to ball around!!

    Duuude! Are you mocking me?! I'll speedrun your game to the grave now!!!

    Aww I'm glad!

    Please keep up the fantastic work!!

    And I'll find my lore don't you worry he he

    One of the best games I've played on itch! I had so much fun watching my gf play and later joining her. The controls are soooo awesome! reminds me so much of Mario64, just kinda smoother. The style reminds me of Journey mixed with Little Big Planet. And its all mixed in a Get over It fashion of climbing a raging mountain. 

    I also do not get the crystals. There is a red crystal on the bottom left side of the island and a orange round crystal on the bottom right. There is also a cave system on the 2nd floor of the mountain with 2 statues. Am I semelling some tasty LORE!!!!???

    I will definitely follow this project. Can't wait for more content!

    I can't for the life of me finish this stupid gaaaame!!!...forget that I said stupid. It is actually wonderful. The style is perfect (reminds me of the official trailer for one of the expansions back then). The gameplay is awesome but that Monstro fight duuuuude!!! There is nothing you can do! But for a 2 week project this is phenomenal! I love it! Create more stuff Carmy! Can't wait for more stuff!

    I love the focus on open world. I did like the more linear way of gameplay in the first few levels we got, but opening up the game for a more free experience could be amazing! I hope that you sprinkle some fun things all around the world

    Intresting world building. Really got into it the more I got to hear about what was happening. It wasn't as spooky to me as it could've been. After the third encounter I learnt how to survive without a problem. Normal enemies = shoot; Slow Lady = Run. And that was it. But as a solo project I really enjoyed it. A fun shooter with cool stor

    Didn't expect this too be this well made gameplay-wise. It's fun! Love the Far Cry esque world with its unique spin on it. Can't wait for more of this!

    I am a huge Ravenfield fan. Have played probably every version of it and still play it every now and then with new mods. This is that with a completely different setting and I gotta say I love it!

    When this even gets close to the modding community that Ravenfield has this will be a gem. So far the gameplay is solid. Visuals are ok, sounds are ok. Nothing to complain about, especially because these things are subject to change.

    I mean looking back at all the mods I've tested with Ravenfield you can recreate this game in it. It kind of feels like a pretty well made mod for Ravenfield. But I hope that this turns out to be its own fully fledged game.

    Keep it up!

    This could possibly be one of my favorite upcoming games like of all time. Seriously fun, engaging, and just inventive in the controls. Feels like a mixture of Amnesia and Skyrim in the best way possible. Keep up the phenomenal work you guys!

    Finished the game after a few hours and I got to say I want to try out the VR version. Got scared a few times already and can't imagine to get jumped on by those things. The gunplay is actually sooooo good! Didn't expect it. The inventory system is very reminiscent of Resident Evil games, which is always welcome. I'll wait for future updates. Would love to see different enemies for example and more atmospheric sounds maybe and vfx in general like mist creeping in through corridors or lights flickering and whatnot.

    Keep it up!

    Such a fun idea. Strategy, wackiness, and physics all in one. Good job guys!

    Love the simplicity of this unique idea. Its quite interesting realsing how bad I am at predicting what side of the dice will come next. Makes it quite difficult. LOVE IT!

    Daaaaaaamn!!! How are deck-building games getting so awesoooome! I love the take on this genre. Fantastic gameplay, love the artstyle and can't wait for more stuff like this! Fanstastic job!

    This game is so much fuuuun! I am also kinda addicted to VS-esque games so thanks for enabling that constant itch(io 

    I was so confused. I thought that the curses will help me, like game-breaking upgrades that will make me invincble or something. Instead this game got harder and harder dude! I loved it!

    I love this dude. How the hell did you keep this gem of a project a secret!?! You, my friend, are a real one. True masterpiece. Keep it up for the sake of humanity!

    Fun little game and interesting concept. Destroy the hero and win! I thought this would get repetetive quite quickly since it seemed too easy but I was positivley suprised. And I love the art. Bumps up the game to a must-playfor indie lovers

    Actually quite the fun game. Unfortunately quickly done and finished but dude, just fun. Good job!

    This is a fun little game lol. good job

    never press esc!

    watched her play, she jumped pretty badly on the jumpscare oof

    She showed me some wonderful art pieces (and some of em were spicy and sussy)!

    I'm in this screenshot and I like it!

    she is pretty good I saw it happen first hand!

    Aww I want more of this cute adorable stuff. You guys did a wonderful job! It's so fun and I just wish there was a whole lot more to explore and do. Excited about your future projects und I'm also curious about your previous games! Keep it uuuuup!!!!

    So, I played this for an hour with my gf and it caught us offguard with the "HACK THE MAINFRAME" thing. Kinda spooky but in a cool way. We reached both endings and I gotta say clicking got addicting as soon as I found out that spacebar and Enter were clickable too!!!!! (but only when the cursor is on the piggy bank)

    Note from my gf: Fluffs only live as long as they are happy. Happy. Happy. :)