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It would be nice if you could recharge a vehicle in some way.  Bring a few batteries, etc. so if your vehicle runs out you don't have to push it back to recharge it.   I guess I could bring a power source and a garage? :P

I tried that but there wasn't even a ThrustMe folder there.  Now that I've run as Administrator, the folder is there and logging.txt is there but it's empty.  But I've also not had any crashes. :)   I will launch without admin and see if I can get it to write there now that the folder and log file exist.  

It seems to be level 3 when I get into the cave far enough that the background image changes.  I can fly around all I want doing whatever I want as long as I stay high enough up to not have that background.   Note that I ran the game as an administrator (Windows 10) and that seems to have solved it. 

I got through a few levels and was enjoying the game.  But not it's just closing soon after I begin the level I'm on.  If I sit there by the landing pad going up and down, it's fine.  But if I get near the little astronaut it closes.

Future games would be a great thing.  I'd love a much bigger sequel to Shipwreck. :)   

I finally beat the game and the main screen says 98%.  Is the remaining 2% the actual beating the boss or did I miss something?  I have all ten hearts.  Not sure what else there could be to find.

I bought the racial justice bundle and it says this is one of the games in it.  But the site wants me to buy it again.  What do I do?