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Nope, just gotta download and install the newest update.

I guess if you go down the Maccon route, that's also technically a "friendship" route with David since David's going to keep appearing in Maccon's route so you'll most likely get close with him as well, only as a friend though. 

He's 17 so nope!

It's most likely a false positive, you should be able to download and play with no worries.

Depending on the route, either 1 or 2 days. The developer got hit with a nasty typhoon which made him lose his electricity and his roof so that's why there aren't any updates for a while now, just in case you were wondering. He's starting development again though, from what I've seen. 

Just played through his route and I gotta say, the new sprite grew on me fast! The only issue I saw was the occasional instances of him still being referred to as small haha but I assume that's going to be rewritten/omitted in future builds.

Anyways, thank you for the amazing work you all did! Love the way the game is improving in story and art with each build. 

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Just came by to check if there's an update and boy was I elated to see one! But I will say, the new sprite of Soutarou seems... So far from the other one that I'm getting a sort of weirdness from it? Does the sprite change mean that Soutarou is now as tall as Torahiko? Albeit, I haven't played the newest update yet and am just saying this based on the new screenshots from the build so for all I know, I might grow to love the new sprite like how I did with Torahiko's and Kouya's. Just left my few sentiments about the sprite change before I play the newest update because Soutarou IS my favorite among the cast haha. 

(This is in no way an attack to the team nor artist, just to be clear. I think the art looks great and it's just the difference between the two sprites that surprised me) 

(Trying to not spoil anything for you so I'm not being too direct with this) 

1st one is from Jun's route, it happens in Yuuichi's room after they make it official

2nd one is from Keisuke's route, it happens in the Restaurant/Cafe after Keisuke and Yuuichi goes to watch a concert (If I remembered correctly, anyways) 

Both can be achieved as long as you do the "best" options. 

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Had the same issue a few months ago. I think I reinstalled mine, completely gave up on loading any saves and just skipped my way until I was back to where I was in the story. 

(If you haven't 't played the most recent update, only read this when you have.)

Well damn, you were spot-on with Travis, props to you dude! 

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The developer has mentioned several times on Twitter that he doesn't want to give David a route. He also made him 17 in age so he's a minor and that's a big no haha. 

There are 4 routes:

  • Maccon
  • Tom
  • John
  • Rask

David's not a route since he's underage (17) BUT Maccon is available!

Turn Right then don't switch seats with John

It's unfortunately still being coded from what I remember.

He's 17 so jail for you lmaoo (okay but seriously tho, if he was 18+ I would definitely choose David over Maccon lmao)

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I think it's the latter? Patreon has to have that "1 update ahead"  perk so that makes sense. We'll most likely get Jun's first and Shoichi's will be out after a certain amount of time. 

Yep, just gotta check everyday to see if an update comes out haha

I'm on the fence on all three boys lmaoo I was definitely a Shoichi fan when I first discovered Tennis Ace but then both Jun and Keisuke really pulled me into their stories too lmaoo

I'm under the assumption that we'll have to wait 14 days after it got posted on Patreon? That's how it was before so I kinda just assumed it's like that haha

(Also I'm stealing your PS note cause same lmaoo) 

(Warning: Wall of Text) 

Oh dang, played that specific scene multiple times and never really connected those two events lmao. 

Although I have a bit of a problem with this theory. I don't think there has been any time where Travis was alone with us in order for him to steal or return the key into our bag? 

(I'm gonna be using Rune's route for easier explanation) Arvo finds the key while still being inside of Rune's room so if Travis were to return the key, it has to have happened the day prior. And if I recall correctly, every decision for "hang outs" has a decision where Travis isn't involved so that makes it hard for him to slip it back in the bag. There's also the matter of stealing the key in the first place which has the same issue and also, if I recall correctly, Arvo always has his bag on him so it's practically impossible for Travis to get it unnoticed. Also, there's the fact that Travis only just met Mikko so it would be very weird for Travis to risk his reputation by stealing Arvo's key. These are just my thoughts lmao 

But then again, Travis' story matches up real well with Mikko and Arvo so that theory still has alot of credit. 

(I didn't realize how big of a wall of text this is until I finished it lmao so sorry about that.) 

Wait excuse me?? When was this mentioned???

I think it makes sense for the next public update to happen 14 days later despite getting no update last month. 

If he releases the update to both patreon and public at the same time, the whole purpose of patreon's "get update earlier" would kinda become void. Unless he gives 2 updates to Patreon and 1 to the public so Patreon can still be 1 update ahead but that is very unlikely. 

Unfortunately for us John and Rask fans, it will be awhile before an update for those two will happen. Tom's and Maccon's routes are the priority if I remember correctly.

Not you making me reread the page and making sure I'm on Sileo lmao

How many characters can appear in the cosmic void/save thing? So far, have gotten 5 but I wonder if there are more? 

Love the new update! Albeit a bit shorter than usual, the new content was definitely worth it. (Learning about Rune's frequent "me" times was definitely unexpected and funny, thanks Torulf lmaoo) 

Also, I'm not sure if this is a problem on my side but the title screen has a bit of a design/layout error? 

The black background behind the words has looked like this since the title screen art was updated a few months ago. Playing on android. (If this is a problem only on my side, my apologies lol) 

You might still be in the prologue, which is actually quite lengthy. Once you reach the "Character Select" portion, that's where you'll start falling for/developing a crush on one of the three male characters in the friend group. 


Finally someone appreciating John

I'd disagree on the premise of how predatory/disturbing Hiroyuki seems/is on some routes in the OG Morenatsu. (*cough* Shun, Shin and Juuichi *cough*) Also, Homecoming removes the issue of Shun being underage and being way too childish. 

But it is your opinion and I'll respect that. 

  • Dawn Chorus
  • Homecoming (Morenatsu Revisited) 
  • Password
  • Socially Awkward
  • Sileo: Tales of a New Dawn

These are some visual novels that I've tried and thoroughly enjoyed despite the fact that all of them are still in progress. 

I'm pretty sure it was Keisuke who replaced Haruki, unless I'm remembering incorrectly?

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Ah, I believe that's because that IS his character.

That's oddly specific, what made you ask that?

Ah, that's a shame. But now you have the chance to rename your character for the other routes.

No problem! 

No, unfortunately. But you can restart your game and use the "Skip* option in order to get back to where you stopped.

Currently, there are 4 routes

Go Left: Will lead you to either Maccon's or Rask's route. If you keep going, it'll be Maccon's route. If you head back, it'll be Rask's route. 

Go Right: Will lead you to either Tom's or John's route. If you switch with John, it'll be John's route. If you don't switch with John, it'll be Tom's route. 

This is funnier than it should be lmaoo

For some reason, I can't seem to install the 6.5.1 update even though I can install the 6.5 version in the past. 90 gb of free space and I can download and install other visual novels just fine so I can't seem to figure out what's wrong. Playing on android. 

Didn't Keisuke turn 18 before they did it though?