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Hai Yo

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I've been dropping dev updates almost daily on our Twitter so feel free to check that out (linked above in the Follow Us section)

You'll be happy to hear development is well underway :) Please wishlist on Steam if you haven't already!

Nice one! Small tip, the slash itself actually deals 4 damage (bullets deal 1 each), so you can speed up some parts where there are no bullets to deflect

4:30! Very impressive. Would love to see if you can bring that under 4 minutes, or maybe even lower...

OST is up on my YouTube :)

Unfortunately not in the demo. For the full game we will have customizable controls.

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Did you happen to be streaming the application on Discord when the flickering happened? It's a strange bug that happens to some people (doesn't happen if you share the full screen instead). If not, then I'd appreciate any details you can share.

Thank you for the feedback! We're taking everything into consideration for the full game :)

Thank you very much!

We will certainly have customizable controls in the full game, as well as controller support for those who prefer playing bullet hells that way.