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Winklebottoms The Third

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scary as hell. i know its a joke but damn it was kinda wack for a sec. edp got stuck in a counter. so i just stared at him while he ran motionless at me butt naked. good experience. would message edp

One thing I think that would majorly improve this game is to increase the speed with which you turn.  I feel like I spent most of my time slowly turning, got frustrated and quit.

Seems interesting though

Very hand of doom inspired.  I quite enjoyed it and hope to see more from you!

Im definitely sure.  I was having a blast til ... you know.  I sent you a message on twitter.  Good game my dood

Played this game for free and came back to donate.  Developer shows promise!

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No buddy.  Im not mad anymore lol.  I just will try it again later.  I loved the first one and I loved this one, besides the game breaking bug.  I do hope you make a part 3!!!!  My only recommendation to new players, dont be trying to squeeze into places you dont belong lol!

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I have deleted my complaint because as bugs go, they do happen.  The developer seems like a genuine fellow.

My complaint was glitching into a wall and having to restart the whole thing.  Just make sure to follow the path that seems the most likely. Dont be trying to squeeze behind buildings and such lol

Played it for free, came back and donated 2 bucks. Nuff said.


Bravo!  Bravo!! Very well done for a browser game! Loved every second of it.  Kept getting up close to see the strange eerie face of the nun.  Would love to see more shorts from you!!!

Unique and interesting! Quite enjoyed it

Absolutely recommended.

Game of the  year

Just finished it! Glad I gave it another go.  I absolutely adore everything you and Torple Dook make.  Got all the Dread X and Ive had the Faith Demo since it released on steam.  You guys rock!  Cant wait to see more from you and TorpleDook.

Oh wow! Im a doofus! lol Thanks Airdorf!

Bro, just played it and bro.....  i legitimately had goosebumps. Awesome for your first time..... unless....  this is Airdorf in disguise!!!!  O.o