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nice run!!

i got it! thanks man!!! 

i think they just mentioned pastille cuz chloe and him look the same haha

thanks! hopefully i can get it 

yall i got all the endings except for the one on the very top someone send help !!! pls!

totally not the same person from 30 minutes ago but theres a set it off reference 10/10

Necroverse singlehandedly watered my crops, braided my hair for me, fed my cats, made me think of psychological questions and provided me a new hyper-fixation all for the price of 0.00USD!!! 10/10

help why is there so much people here

oh you just have to go downstairs and get the food after talking to the bully girl then give it to him

alright, thanks!!

how do you get a good ending? all i got so far was a bunch of bad endings and a normal ending

Got the red ending! That was a really fun game!

I was just walking then realized I was walking under the stairs, I was trapped and couldn't get out. Closing and reopening the game made it better, though.

Please make more!! Love this story!


how do you save

 read the tags, kid

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Its going so well! But i bought 8 cup noodles and now i can't leave the store..

nvm i pressed esc.