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fixed the issue with some peoples having the bug in v1.0

Yes once i finish the new optimization changes

PIDH8-03FHW-A5J0P   <=== grab this steam key before some body else does :P

new patch should make it possible now on normal extreme mode difficulty 

Yes i would be adding steam version of those ports

Hello android version might be delayed a little due to performance issues on mobile device

You can reach out to me via email or on discord to get your steam key

You can also contact me via email.

Hello you have to contact me through discord to get the key.

glad you manage to get it :P

well the game is back on steam already . incase you dont know

CGFTK-X0XCY-ZPE85 <---- if you can grab this steam free key before any one else its yours :P enjoy

Added Mac and linux build

Its already back! thanks to every one for supporting!

May i know more about the steam live evaluation thing, please contact me on discord its probably steam is trying to ask players if i was false dmca thanks.

Hello Drucy Thanks for your feedback yes we have fixed the missing text for the french language.

As for the sonar saiko bug i need to investigate more since i havent gotton such complain from any one else yet. but i will check to see whats going on so probably can expect a hotpatch today.

Join the discord in the link of this page and you can contact regarding the steam key

Please mind that since good morning and good evening is copyright and claimed sorry i cant use that and thus i have changed the first few lines of the intro to avoid future issues thank you

Alpha 2.1.2 changes

1) Added 3 new languages (French,Italian,Polish)

2) Some changes to layout of the school (please mind the new areas are not accessible as of yet)

3) Some minor changes to the intro of normal/hard mode.

2) Some minor glitches and fixes.

Yes the older versions are available on discord 

When i will feel the game is in good enough state i still feel alot is required to be edited specially in regards to saiko AI

Well if you consider this game polished thanks for that ... but i do not consider this game is remotely close to being done since i am the dev i know what else is left and how much improvements can be made to this game

No need for such harsh decision.. its childish to do so... the best way would be "Life of saiko" <game title>

Sadly those that have alot of free time and peoples to harrass etc trolls.

Yes its true you have to send me dm on discord or send me email with the email that you used to pay , i will verify and then send you the key

Yes and you can also ask for a steam key

2.1.2 which is next minor patch is going to come to linux and mac

(1 edit)

you can wait for steam sales or you can purchase on here , purchasing here you can also get steam key

currently 2.1 is not available on linux and mac but will soon be 

updated 2.1.1 with portugal (brazil)

Alpha 2.1.1 changes and fixes

Added Portugal
Fixed Translation Japanese
Fixed Translation Russian
Fixed Translation Chinese
Fixed Translation German
Fixed Translation Spanish
Fixed Translation Turkish
Fixed Translation Korean

Fixed numerous bugs and glitches
Added extreme yangire mode triggered only in yangire mode and through easter item on the office table


they are available on our discord

You are playing alpha 2.0 you need to download alpha 2.1 which is the latest version

you can either wait or just kick 2 times and wait a little bit she will open the door on her own

From now on any thing above alpha 2.0 will not be free and will require minimum of 4$ donation also Its available on steam now so any body whom donated 4$ and up feel free to contact me via email or via discord for free steam key.

yes mac version will be soon and also the linux veersion please joint he discord to get free steam key you can verify you purchase with me on dm on discord

yes the steam will be upto date version or ifyou have purchased on for min 4$ or donated previously 4$ min you just join the discord and dm me to get steam key for free

Kindly join on discord server and dm me

Yes its currently still in review process