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They are no specific system requirement as of yet since its in alpha would you mind telling me if you are having any issues with the latest alpha 1.8.2

alpha 1.8.2 hotpatch

1 : some layout changes to registry room and library for future story element integration.
2 : lights are now optimized and will make the game run smoother then before.
3 : lowest quality now can run on almost any device since selecting lowest quality changes shaders and light settings significantly making the game smoother.

Alpha 1.8.1 hotpatch 

1 : Minor issue fixed where you have to press play button twice in the mainmenu.

2 : Fixed issue where you press escape button and you could able to open pause menu while having a note UI opened.

3 : added mac version for 1.8.1 

4 : added linux version for the 1.8.1

5 : added link for android download.

Alpha 1.8.1 fixes.

1 : fixed bug with ai soft locking in atempt to break glass.
2 : fixed storage room so now player has enough space to get out and cannot get cornered.
3 : fixed issue where the exit door was opening strangely.
4 : added animation for her stealing key and a new dialogue.
5 : tweaked her looking around behaviour so she doesnt act strange most of the time.
6 : for now her behaviour of coming inside the room and closing the door has been disabled due to looking awkward most of the time.
7 : made changes to the way tutorial screen shows.
8 : made the note papers interactable.
9 : made AI backstabbing less on normal difficulty.
10: fixed issue where girl can still attack when escaped.
11 : some minor issues with her breaking wrong glass.
12 : added 3 new languages (korean, german , turkey)

Sounds like only you are having this problem no one else has reported this issue , you can check your drivers if they are uptodate thanks.

Thanks for your amazing and detail feedback and suggestions! actually some of the things you mentioned etc the blood puddle is already planned in future update as i would be adding traps like broken glass shard traps that would hrut player if they run too much and would alert saiko to your position where she can easily track the player due to player would leave tracks behind. 

I will keep in consider your other suggestions they are amazing and hopefully will tie in the future updates.

Thanks for your amazing and detail feedbacks and suggestions we will surely keep some in consideration for future updates.

Thanks for the feedbacK ! 

Thanks for your feedback! Love seeing your video and yes i am already a subscriber!

I dont mind about any disadvantage infact its always a good idea that i know suggestions from other peoples to improve upon the gameplay i mean i did took one of your suggestion and add the dead body i guess it got you good :) any ways i will reply on each disadvantage points below.

1 : Yes currently some of her behaviours doesnt let her open the door or the pathfinding gets some kind of issue but i did add a fail safe as you see when you got closer to her she started to attack you , but in later versions i will make sure the door issues are fixed for good.

2 : Yes currently the angle makes it look much weird but i will let the game graphic designer know about it and he will look into the model issue.

3 : yes currently the cameras are not very functional but in later behaviour addition they will become life saviour as they will tie alot more in skill when i will add higher difficulty level.

4 : yes her stealing key behaviour is a bit too annoying as of now so i had to put it for very specific conditions need to be met for her to do that but in 1.7.1 update i increase its frequency more so it happens alot more.

5 : yes her new slash attack takes a while for player to die so i will add code to make her do insta kill with new death animation if she slashes you 2 more times in a row with little delay then she will directly kill the player making player get more fear of her slashes as you you should be avoiding her slashes as it can become more deadlier then stabs.

Thanks for your feedback!

Thanks for the feedback! I am glad you are liking this update better hope to keep updating and keep improving it more and more ! 

Thanks for the feedback! very nice gameplay!

Thanks for the feedback ! yes we do have plans for patreon some time in coming future our target first is to reach alpha 2.0 and make it available on mobile devices as well then we can setup the patreon for future projects and updates if some body wants to support out projects!

Thanks man as always love seeing your video and game play you always play the game and show off her new features !. if you dont mind can i use your youtube video link on the page .

Thanks for your feedback! In 1.7.1 i have added timer as well and if you finish the game below 5 minute you can be saiko speedster on our discord server

Thanks for the feedback! i watched your video , good to know you like the AI we will surely be updating her more to become even more scarier

Thanks for replaying the game again ! and good you found the body in the locker.

we have updated the game to 1.7.1 hotpatch please check it out incase that solves your issue thanks.

Thanks for your feedback! i added linux support please kindly let me know if its working how it should. i didnt had much time to test it out.

Thanks for your feedback! would you tell us which version of the game are you playing and also which platform win or mac?

Hotpatch with basic changes and 2 new languages (Japanese and Spanish)

1.7.1 changes.

1 : fixed ai detection where some times she would loose sight of player easily.
2 : improved ai detection now so she would most likely investigate your last position instead of ignoring you like she does some times.
3 : fixed bug where if you crouch she doesnt able to see you.
4 : fixed issue where she wont attack you in storage room.
5 : now going close to saiko while she is counting will make her stop counting and will start chasing you.
6 : made the key stealing event more frequent despite of the specific condition.
7 : added language japanese and spanish
8 : On success code enter she would now get alerted.
9 : added timer text to tell how much time it took for player to finish the level.
10 : opening the power now gets saiko attention and she will be alerted to your position.

Thanks for the feedback! I love watching your videos let me give my answers on each disadvantage points you made.

1 : Yes she can get stuck some times in game on the doors as its not yet fully fixed but in 1.7 it has become much better and they are only few behaviours left that she can get stuck in doors.

2 : In 1.7 i made cameras become alot more useful as they can auto detect saiko location and can track without interacting with with the camera.

3: Her waiting behind the door has been reduced in 1.7 since last version and also it now works correctly as compared to before.

4 : In 1.7 i added some hidden secret inside one of the lockers and it can be random in the entire game which would explain why she is covered in blood :).

Thanks for the feedback!

Yes we would be making mobile version sooner.

Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks for the feedback! amazing game play as always love watching your videos!

Thanks for your feedback!

Thanks for the feedback! this will be revealed when the story is added

Yes we have plans to add in android sooner .

Thanks for your amazing feedback! i will keep in mind your suggestions.

Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks for the feedbacK! 

Thanks for the feedback! Amazing video i watched it all 

Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks for the feedback! yes i am making one soon

Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks for the feedback!