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Yes I will!

Yes, that is on my todo list!

Nope, that would require detailed interior!

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Yes there is! I didnt know that was a problem, so I will add it to my todo list for the next update! Are we talking about the first person camera or the car follow camera?

To easier change the name to "Not a Tesla Simulator" if Elon Musk wants to sue me :)

I will investigate! After a quick search I saw that a lot of Linux users have the same problem with Unity games, so it might not be anything I can fix...

That must be a mac bug? Because I've never seen it move on its own...

Ive answered those questions in the FAQ!

Did you play the latest version? Because the semi has a trailer and destruction has been added back!

By doing what you suggested a couple of posts down!

What version are you trying to download?

Fantastic! I will add kangaroos to the game as thank you!

Unzip it and click on the exe file if you are on pc. If you are on mac or linux you have to ask someone else :P

Ive added it to my todo list!

Ive added it to my todo list!

Did you download the light Mac version?

Maybe in the future! The problem is how to move the cable. I tried to implement a cable in an old version but it looked kinda strange, so I removed it. 

Im aware of that and I think I know what the solution is! It will hopefully come soon (when I have time)

Yeah, its odd that it keeps accelerating when it touches down. I will try to find a solution for that!

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Im already using torque curves - and neither am I applying all torque when pressing "gas pedal" it just feels like it because the Roadster is so fast and has to do 0-100 in 2 seconds

Thank you! This version is exactly the same - except a little brighter and fewer shadows. Thanks for testing all versions!

One last attempt! Ive uploaded a light version

New version is up! Is it working?

I will investigate! I don't own a mac so it might get tricky...

Eventually (as in maybe next week) :P

No inside camera in the near future because then I have to spend a million years making detailed interior. BUT I will add simple interior to the Model X in the next update and un-tint the windows. They are tinted now because theres nothing inside :P

Dont worry, its on my todo list :P

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It already has sounds! Theres a sound from the wind/road and when crashing! Electric cars dont make much sounds!

Hello, it's made with Unity game engine, which supports Ubuntu 12.04+

Hello! The new models will come as soon as I find blueprints for them! And you cant open the doors - I removed that in the last version because people were confused that you had to open the doors to enter the car. Neither is there an autopilot version available because thats part of another project (but might be included in this project in the future) Thank you for playing the game! soon as there are blueprints available!

All Tesla cars have teleporters! The door handles are just there for the looks!

Have you climbed many mountains with your Model S :P

That's a feature!

I'm not really sure, but I suspect it's because you are using Loki and the game engine I'm using is supporting Ubuntu 12.04+

Thank you!

The answer is yes! But not that often... I'm thinking about anything fun you can do while driving that doesn't involve any death.