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Yeah its mean to bully boring, slow gas guzzlers!

In a future update!

Who will tow the semi if it runs out of juice?

There's already day and night! Ever heard of midnight sun? 🌞

The map is not that big, I'm sure you'll find it!

Yes, but making car models takes a lot of time so be patient! Changing the configuration of a specific car model (such as number of motors) is easier but I have to find a good way to show which car has a specific configuration. 

I pressed print screen and pasted it into Paint.NET and saved the image

I used Unity game engine to make this game, which is why it says "made with unity" which is something that pops up automatically 

The white Semi got dirty during test drive! The question is where is the Red semi?

You can find them either at Starbase, Texas, or in Tesla Simulator game!

Yes you can! That's my screenshot meaning I can't drive!

No, you can only find the Not-a-flamethrower!!!

If it does 0-60 mph in 1.1 seconds it might be...

Coming in the future

Nope! It's a not-a-flamethrower

I created this!


No you can't, this is Tesla Simulator - not SpaceX Simulator!

There's no flamethrower - just a not-a-flamethrower

The Cyberboi is next on my todo list! I was planning to wait until that Musk guy finished the final version of it but it takes sooooo long so I might as well finish it before :)

Yes the models are made by me. If you want the Model S and the Semi you can find them somewhere in this project, which is open source:

The old Roadster has already been re-added in the beta!

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Its currently only available in the BETA and then you press 2. By the way its NOT-a-flamethrower!

Be careful!

Did you unzip? 🤔

Please be careful with the Semi prototype or Elon Musk may come after you!

Use the brake pedal!

You can always lower resolution and quality

Good, then you've come to the right place!


The source code is now open source:

Thank you! <3

It's just Unity's built-in wheel collider!

Just press download button and it downloads the game! You don't need to log in!

I've added it to my ideas list!

Do you think that would be fun to play? Because you would just sit and stare at the screen while the car is driving around :S

I think you may need to lower quality settings/screen resolution because the collision meshes are just two boxes and I cant simplify that :)

I don't have an android device, so that might be a problem, but maybe in the future...

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Unzip and click on the exe file (if you have a PC). If you are on Mac or Linux you have to google because I have no idea!