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i really love the games art style and music, idk if it was just me but i had difficulty getting my score past 1'000. Then again my rection time isnt too good

Raise The Dead community · Created a new topic weird save

so i go into my save file, and this is not what my save looked like...

im having some of those problems too

i cant tell if this game is memeing or an actual peice of art

theres a website like this, i love the library of babel concept,

love the game. nothing else needs to be said. although i was questioning something. i saw through the dimension xray thingy a static sphere. maybe it was something?

i believe its behind the pyramid?

I like the game from what ive seen, but i cant play because its a RAR file. I had winrar but my trial is up. Is there another way to extract it?

i cant tell if this is an actual messenger app or a memeing app

8mkvTpK 6 elements, pepsi rockets

sOv4IP8K0K 6 elements, compress them all into one corner

PHKD1     6 elements its a mesmorizing pattern

i havnt played the game yet but the artwork intruiges me

is there a difference between the .jar file and the .zip file for windows? thanks.

i created an account just to say this game is amazing. even though it only runs at like 3 frames a second.