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Astounding experience! I wish more games used such a setting.

It's inspired by old Italian zombie movies, namely the Gates of Hell trilogy and Burial Ground.

I see! Great soundtrack choice! Really liking the game so far. I think it's your finest work yet!

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What's the music that plays during the "action" scenes (ac2.ogg)? It's really good!

I love the aesthetics of this game. Is English language localization planned?

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I feel like the 100 pictures limit for the photo album is much too low. I had 34 pictures for the parking garage level alone. Any chance you could make it 200 or even 500?

I got stuck on the first level between the sidewalk and concrete bumpers around the corner of the gas station. I should have taken a screenshot.

Definitely AI generated.

It's not picking up my XBox controller for some reason. I can't play.

Cool concept! I can definitely see the Lynch influences in there. I hope the game gets completed someday. 

Wow your comment was way overblown. I was expecting a lot more sleaze than this based on your comment. There is NOTHING explicit or sleazy in this game. Either you're astoundingly sensitive or your expectation of what the game is like is completely skewed.

No idea what the plot is about, but your comment definitely makes me want to try it.

A brand new pair of shoes of course!

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I have two main gripes right now. There is a HUGE typo in the main menu. It says "Project Corpese" instead of "Project Corpse". My second gripe is that the "take cover" action doesn't make you take cover but makes you turn around instead. Either that or the game made me turn around by itself because there were zombies behind me and the "take cover" button doesn't work.

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The only ones I can think of are and Neocron. Both are still playable.

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5000 dorra?!

Graphics and atmosphere remind me of Manhunt! Big time!

Song sounds like Lorelei's Dunwich Horror!

Thank you for your response. The thing is I'd like to buy it on Steam but I don't want my friends to know that I'm playing this as there is no way to hide owned games, you know? That's the problem with Steam releases of adult games. 

Any plan to sell this game on itch?

Does the getaway driver have 100% chance of screwing you over?

Yeah took me a while to understand too. You need to re-click the same Old God icon again to validate your choice.

Could you make a Windows version please?