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I can't believe you made another amazing VA after Dawn! This one was much shorter but it seems like you plan on extending it with further episodes. I absolutely love your work and can't wait for the next part!

wait, it ends after you help Beel??? What about Sathanas and the others


also much confused and much scared.

It's probably the Flood or Necromorphs or something like that...

Great game! Just one question; What in God's name did I see at the end of AWAK[E]?!? I must know!!!

this game is so great although i had a much harder time with level 5 than level 6

I really like this game but wish it had a more concise ending. 

I love this game

I have encountered a major bug in the game: whenever I have my Limegoo that only knows takedown (encountered and caught in the garden) set as my first monster, I will encounter wild monsters outside of the grass/water/cave. At the start of the battle, the game will quickly shuffle through several random monsters all with (random levels) before settling on one for me to fight. Randomized encounters will also occur when I'm in my items menu or my monsters menu. If the encounter starts when I am in a menu, the background isn't the usual white; instead the battle superimposes itself on top of whatever menu I'm on, reverting it to the background. After I defeat the monster, the menu once again becomes intractable and the game continues as normal for about 15 to 60 seconds at which point I am forced into another battle. This problem only occurs if my Limegoo is set as my first monster and stops if I set any other monster as my first. Sorry for the long post, I wanted to give as much details and information as possible because I wasn't sure which details are relevant to the problem. Please fix!

what is your "dream team?"

Holy HELL! is there a way to speed  up or skip text? Plz... I'm so tired of reading Smeargle's moody ass use shell smash

This is such a good game!!! It's plot is kind of similar to Steven and the Gems from Cartoon Network. Very cool, can't wait for the final project!