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This game was pretty fun! 10/10! The patty mobile was definitely a little buggy, but it was funny!

This game was super fun! I enjoyed the unsettling feeling with it! 100/10! Your video is the third game in the video at 11:40!

This game was very good, I enjoyed it a ton! 100/10! Your game is the first game in the video! 

This was a pretty fun game! 100/10! Your game is the second game in the video 6:53!

This game was super fun! I got scared just a little bit not going to lie lol 10/10

I'll definitely check out your other games, and I'll consider making a video on them! I took a quick glance at the others, and they look super interesting!

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Loved the game! Not finished just yet, but part one is here! Currently I am giving this a 10/10!

This game was very interesting lol 10/10! a very interesting game lol I just recorded it for a YouTube video, and I'll post it here when it's done uploading!

Loved the game! I got a little confused at first, but I definitely enjoyed it! Gave me a little scare too! 1000/10! 

Loved the game! Definitely scary! 1000/10! Third game in the video! 

I loved the game! I don't know if there is more to this game, but I'd love to find out lol 1000/10! Second game in the video! 

I loved the game! Gave me a good scare! 1st game in the video!

Absolutely loved the game! Loved how short it was and I'll definitely play Choo-Choo Charles for a video next! 100/10! 

Loved the game! I definitely didn't make smart choices to not get caught lol! 100/10!

This game was super fun! Did make me jump a little! 100/10! 

This game was super fun! I loved how creepy it felt and it definitely felt close to home! 100/10! 

Okay cool! Thanks for the info!

well i pretty much mean the adult animated scenes in game. If that makes sense

So I have a couple questions. 

1. Which rpg maker do you use to make the game?

2. What do you use to make the different characters and scenes?

Here is my review for this:

What I do like about this game in it's current version is definitely:

-The start of the story

-The monsters

-The characters introduced

-The more modern/futuristic weapons and armor shown

-of course the scenes that are included (for now)

These together make this game really pop out from the rest just like Paccsu. Both games really tend to move away from the normal "oh hey monster time to have sex with it" to something that just brings more life and really pulls you in!

If you ask me if this game is worth playing, then yes I truly believe it's worth the 5 bucks! You'll have fun playing it! :)

I definitely can't wait to see how the story plays out in future updates! Keep up the good work! 

(This review will get longer the more the game will be developed!)

Oh sweet! new game!

Hey! It is a bit late, but here is the link to the youtube video! Hope you enjoy!


Hey! I just played your game, and I recorded it for my YouTube Channel! I definitely loved it! I gave it an 8/10! There are some things, that would be cool to see in the game, but other than that, it was enjoyable! In a few days or so, I should have the video posted! I'll send you the link to the video, when it's ready and posted! 

Here is a link to the YouTube Channel, if you wanna watch for it also!


H2dden Gamers - YouTube

I just got this on my email...and I don't know if its weird to say that I am happy to see a new update coming out. The story to the game is entertaining (excluding the scenes)! Can't wait to play the update!

open the paccsu 0.22 folder->open the www folder->open the save folder->open the same folders for paccsu 0.23->drag your most recent save file from paccsu 0.22 and put it into 0.23's save folder->wait a little bit, and it should be good!

Well damn, you should send Namu and her friends after them!

Update for my game...I officially made Namu, Kiva, and Purnima too powerful for any monsters. I now have to defend to be able to let the monsters do the scenes XDDD. Love the game though! Can't wait for the next update!

The funny thing is if I happen to see Zuhma'la in the game I'ma have a heart attack xD

Thanks lol I honestly just thought of it as I was typing the post lol!

I want to say I apologize for the super long suggestion post, I will probably make more posts here for new ideas if you want me to! Hope these ideas help! 

Here is my best shot for ideas (may not be the best):

-More fight scenes in the arena:

1. Tentacle Monsters:

A. Much bigger:

-More cum

-Cum covering her body

B. More in scenes:

-Tentacle gang-bang

-More deep throating

C. More brutal?: (if that makes sense)

-Spanking while fucking?

-Tentacles moving through her ass and mouth then clumping up in her stomach?

2. Clan Mus'tah:

A. More black ooze tentacles in scenes

B. Futa opponents

C. Clan Mus'tah minions? They are like the breast sucking tentacles and do that same thing

D. Clan Mus'tah clone of Namu?

3. Zombies:

A. More powerful giant zombies:

-Deep throat


-Stroke the cock with her breasts?

B. Futa zombies:

-Deep throat


-Stroke the futa cock with her breasts?

C. Friends: (This is an iffy suggestion)

A. The ones control the arena and notice Namu's friends, so they make her fight them?

::Main Quest after The Undying King is defeated::

-Clan Mus'tah Invasion:

A. Kau'punki gets the first invasion while Namu and her friends are fighting The Undying King

B. When Namu and her friends get back Mainio is invaded

C. Kulma'la gets invaded as Namu and her friends go to save Mainio

D. Mainio is the first to be saved, then Kau'punki gets saved, and when heading towards Kulma'la, Namu and her friends stop by the Bewb-Tec Facility because Clan Mus'tah is trying to use the robots for aid in the invasion

E. After saving Kulma'la, the remaining inhabitants of the clan take Kiva back to their hide-out. They manage to cover Kiva in black ooze and use her against Namu and Purnima, basically like a boss fight. Once Corrupt Kiva is defeated, Clan Mus'tah stays in their hideout, and doesn't try another invasion? Until later...

F. The new leader of Clan Mus'tah sees the power in Namu and her friends and creates more brutal ooze monsters that can be used to destroy Namu and her friend's bodies?


A. A woman arrives from a land called Zuhma'la, a place mainly known for it's use of magic. She came for help because a futa witch has swarmed the land with magic monsters, tentacles, etc

B. When Namu and her friends arrive Namu comes to a small port town of Cital'a, which includes weapons, magic, and such like that to add more weapons in the future

C. From there the are four places, two towns, and one capital. Namu and her friends start in a town of Nula'tia. The magical monsters Namu and her friends face are just like the other monsters just more magical looking (if that makes sense)

D. Next, Namu and her friends go to another town of Tita'Muha, but each town they further go to, there are more monsters, and more brutal sex scenes

E. The capital is Wanda'kia, after saving them and defeating three magical bosses just like the zombie invasion of Mainio, you get support to head towards the Magical Forest where the witch resides. This is where the monsters get the most tough and fuck the three the most. 

F. Once the witch is defeated there will be side missions able to be posted inside the city of Wanda'kia for Namu and her friends to explore?

I will make another post if you want of side missions for these two new quests and such! I again am sorry for the super long post XD hope these help give ideas! 

I have not played this game yet, but i am about to download it! it looks fun!

Sweet! I could give ideas? I don't know how good they would be but I could try my best xD

I gotta say a few words about this game. I love Paccsu because there is just many things that makes it fun!

-Immersive story

-Loveable characters

-Funny moments

-Yes the scenes in general too

The scenes are amazing, and fun to just watch over and over. I do hope in later updates it would be fun to see:

-More scenes

-New monsters

I think it would be cool to see another playable character appear too! I was wondering if there will be other stuff coming after the Undying King is fully destroyed or would the game be fully complete?

I am considering about donating to your patreon to help keep the game going because you make this game so much fun! I can't imagine how much work it is to make all the animations and such!

This game gives me a ton of motivation to wanna try to make an rpg game in the future! I love the game and thank you for making such an awesome game! Cant wait to see what else is in store in future updates! 

If people are wondering if this game would be worth it to is! Play it for yourself and you will see how much fun it is! Again, thank you for making an awesome game and keep up the good work! :D

ive never heard of that before


I am wondering if you have considered adding like some cheats like some other games do?

I do apologize! I just checked it, and i thought i had bought the game from here but i guess i didnt lol but i just got it from here now

do i need to download the changelog and encryption key?

i downloaded it from here