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Hey! Sorry it took a little bit, but the video just came out today! I hope you enjoy the video, and it is blowing up a ton! I really enjoy the game, and so do my subs! Part 2 should be coming tomorrow!

Video Link:

I hope to get it out this week, but I got a multitude of other games I need to edit and post, so I will try to get it out this week, but expect it out by at most next week! Here is my channel to keep you alert about it!


I love this game! It's adorable! I am recording it as a playthrough for youtube and ill be happy to send you the link for the first episode whe  its posted! 1,000,000/10 game!

Thanks! I'll send you the video link as soon as its done!

This looks like an interesting game! Would you be okay with me recording this as gameplay for youtube? I'll definitely send the video link when it's edited and posted!