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Harriet Anklebone

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YESSSSS this is absolutely mega. 

Beautiful writing. Loved the characterisation and atmosphere. 

Hey, thank you, that's really kind. I'm glad you enjoyed it. 


Excellent! I really enjoyed the dialogue and strange happenings.

This is simply beautiful. It all works so well and feels thoughtfully devised. Nice story :) 

Yes, Stibbef died of third degree burns at the very beginning of his journey, but he discovered so much about himself in his brief time on the trail. What an awesome game, great work. Love the flavour text!

Thank you! 'intriguing' is good! Yay :)

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed the spooky feels. It certainly was inspired by classical architecture/mythology I have studied/seen :)

Thank you!! As soon as I have more time, I can't wait to make more Bitsy games. Really love your work, Caeth :}

Thank you so much, really glad to hear you enjoyed it. 

This is great! The landscapes and details are wonderful. Really enjoying it so far. 

Worm guts on my foot :{

Love your work here :} Love Ali Smith also. How to be Both :D :D

I love this, wonderful atmosphere and great use of sound. Tender and heart-warming.  Very nice.