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Salutations. I downloaded the windows version and it says it's missing the Data folder. Did you make sure to zip everything?

It looks great. Billy's going to get up to some trouble.

That's right. Game maker 3D. Going OG.

Billy Bopper

Billy Bopper

Salutations! The game can't be played because it's not a GMZ file or EXE. You can go to File > Export Project to make a GMZ file (which is essentially a zipped up project file), or make a single EXE through File > Create Application and be sure to choose Single EXE in the file dropdown menu. Looking forward to eating marshmellows with bill bounce.

time for billy bouncer...

here are idea(s) to help get started

- what if billy biouncer on airplane

- bill bounce eating marshmellow

- bobby bazinga in time loop (groundhoge (sp?) day)

- billy bush and billy bouncer crossover

best of luck gents....

I'm glad to hear you played the original! Laz (who made the original) and me are both old school GM users and this is the remake that no one asked for. There's 5 more levels in total, but over half of the levels have been revamped with new mechanics. I'd say in total there are 20 "new" levels. The game runs in HD now (1920x1080), has all new music, graphics, and a few secrets. This game will certainly run on any Windows 7+ OS.