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Hi, I was a kickstarter backer, I was wondering where and when I could get my copy from? Thank you :)

Thank you, and now I feel like a bit of an idiot, because it never crossed my mind to do that!! Blame baby brain :)

So I brought this game 2 years ago... and probably due t some glitch somewhere, have not received anything... no updates no nothing. Which is really upsetting to me... 

Yes i too noticed that a lot of games ive downloaded recently that are renpy trigger that stupid pop up... any ideas on how to circumvent it?

I loved the demo and can't wait for the full game to be out.

The dialogue was engaging as was the character interaction.

The artwork was fantastic.

I will definitely be happy paying a cost towards this game!

Hi, I downloaded this game yesterday but wanted to play it before leaving a message.

I am so in love with everything to do with it!

The Graphics are phenomenal,and I love how the character's facial expressions change depending on the answers picked!

The writing and story line is so in-depth, I felt like I was the Queen to be. And the array of choices was fantastic, I will have to go back and play the demo again just to pick the "politically correct" choices as I chose the more sassy ones as deemed necessary by my personality. I felt so much emotion when I had to make difficult choices, and then felt the weight of people's stares afterwards, I wanted to shout through the screen, "It wasn't me! The developer only gave me so many choices!"

As for my potential suitors, each and everyone of them had such a well developed character already that at times it made me want to reach through through the screen, admittedly mostly to slap Mr bratty McBrat redhead, but I'm guessing there is something deep and meaningful going there!!! To be fair I'm gunning for Mr Tattooed ambassador *wink wink nudge nudge*

I definitely wish to support this in the future, so look forward to when you launch Kick-starter for it.



I keep popping back to check on this to see when it will be ready in English, I can't wait! Keep up the good work!