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Exactly :-)

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Great game! Played it several times, digging into it a little deeper with each playthrough. But heck, how do I deliver that letter? Tried everything I could think of, but I just don't get it... Finally, I got it. Sneaky!

Played it three time, more or less in a row, and still shit my pants. Excellent mood, a bag of sneaky tricks, a good eye for details, and the inverted mouse made my day. That must've be a hell of a gameJam! Excellent work! 

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I like the game, and I’d really like to recommend it. But two things that leave a less than professional impression need to be fixed.

Here’s my advice:

First, don’t let the game crash back to the desktop the nanosecond it’s finished. Second, give credit for the assets you used—all of them, the town, the statue, the music. If you wrote and performed the music yourself, credit yourself. None of that takes away from your creative work. And you should always give everyone their due, regardless whether you sell the game or give it away for free.

Not sure whether it's a Windows issue, a controller issue (Dual Shock) or a series of game-breaking bugs, but the game has become unplayable. Twice I had to start again because the car became uncontrollable and just dropped from the window. And when I finally made it to the river, the avatar began to run in narrow circles and the camera rotated wildly, and none of that could be stopped--except when I put the camera right on top of the avatar. That allowed me to get the boat into the water, hoping the change of scenery would then fix the rotating avatar/camera, but now the boat kept rotating,and that was that. I reinstalled the game, tried again, and it was the same thing--the avatar again began to run in circles at the river, and the camera rotated wildly. Now I give up.

Ever since Maddalena presented Bird of Passage/旅烏 and its development process at the Clash of Realities' closing panel last year, I've been looking forward to playing it. A beautiful game with a clever mechanic, and of course I cried in the end. Thank y'all for making it!

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Same thing—backpack and menu randomly disappear. First time it happened, I couldn't save the game, had to quit via task manager, and had to start from scratch next time I played. Second time, it got me stuck in the cave because I couldn't access the magazine (I had a hunch I should do that) after I'd picked it up, and I couldn't save or quit the game either. Again, I had to use the task manager to quit. So that's a really nasty bug.

But I played the game through, at last, and I really enjoyed it.