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weirdly bad and scary

This was the worst and best fnaf fanmade game I've played.

great game!

good game

good game!

this game man

Good Game, but I

broke it a few times...

good game!

we are getting good at this game

episode 3

Really good game and environment

! Looks really good too!

Really good! I would love to see a longer version or story version of the game but without cinematics.

Episode 2 of this, finally im good

Good Game!


this felt like a fallout game

a few bugs but overall pretty good game!

wack but pretty 

pretty good game! 

kinda creepy but could be really scary if realistic

good game, liked the multiple endings!

scared the shit out of me

threw me off a bit

im confused

good game my boi

kinda wack

good game

good game my boi

Good game my boi, finish it tho.

good game

good game

good game!

really good game 

kinda like, weird bro

good game

bro railed me literally

Game go brrr