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this fox tried her best!

going through this demo was very exciting and unpredictable!! :D 

My pleasure!

Cool game with rather interesting mechanics! Did not get myself to complete the Demo, but am looking forward to the full release!

Great puzzle game to spend some cozy time on!

Had lots of fun gambling and going through your game's Demo during Steam Next Fest!! 

Had lots of fun playing through the Steam ver. of this Demo, totally my type of logic puzzle game!

Very engaging gameplay, got addicted. Will get myself a copy of the full release asap!!!

Had lots of fun playing through this Demo!!

played through this prologue featured on steam, it was extra cozy!! unfortunately couldn't proceed 'til the very end due to facing a bug. (the timestamp has been set for this game's demo!)

did play through the current steam ver. demo recently on stream, fun little title! enjoyed esp the battle part! :) (the timestamp is already set so that you can view this demo's playthrough)

truly engaging demo!!! really looking forward tto the full release of your game!!! i did play through the demo during the followathon event of mine :)
ps. the timestamp is already set to check the part where i am playing through this demo :) 


i streamed this game during an event!! really fun little closure to the frog detective trilogy!

such a soothing experience!!!! loved spending time on my little cute town. my sincerest apologies to the gourdlets that got bonked over while placing the buildings. 😭

hi, i truly enjoyed playing through the demo of your game! am a slow learner coming to the mechanics, but it was truly fun! looking forward to the full release!!!

very colorful demo with engaging mechanics!!!

this game is gorgeous, had a lot of fun playing it on stream!!!

Loved the characters and graphics!!!!

Did play through the Demo live on Twitch, looking forward for the full release! 

Currently playing through this title live on Twitch, truly enjoying it!!!

did recently stream your game on twitch and truly adored this cozy little demo!

note: the timestamp is already set at the beginning of the demo. this fox may have activated the evil smirk toggle by mistake, but she is friendly, i promise!

Did play through this Demo on livestream, a truly cozy experience, can't wait for the full release!!!

Did play through this demo on stream as of recently, rather engaging combat accompanied by great quality art! Took me a bit to understand how to make the whole work in order to progress with upgrades!
Enjoyable experience. :)

Did stream this Demo,  loved the premise. Truly cannot wait for the full release to be able to discover how the story unfolds!

Did stream the Demo! A truly promising title, can't wait for the full release!

Did play through the Demo, very engaging title!

Been playing this VN recently, really cool setting!

I LOVED the demo of this game which I tried out upon its release, now I'm finally enjoying Chapter 1 while playing it on stream!

Been playing this game on stream, truly engaging and satisfying!

Been having so much fun with Neon Abyss, improving my technique each time !

Been playing this game on stream for a while, next time we are trying out the DLC features! :)

Hello~~! ♡

This evening I'll be going through TOUCHSTARVED Demo for the first time, feel free to hop on! 📖

this game got adorable graphics and features! enjoyed cakee preparation especially and loved all of the characters due to their distinct personalities and designs! 

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hello! i did play your game during halloween and personally enjoyed the experience a whole lot!

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i did recently livestream this game and enjoyed it a lot!

These days I am busy streaming Our Life: Now & Forever, a Dating Sim set in autumn that makes us feel cozy and safe.

You can find timestamps for the titles in the comment section.

Did recently play through Departed Away Demo. Can't wait for the full release! (You can find timestamps for the title in the comment section)

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This game is a true little gem I got to experience recently! Going to continue it soon as it piqued my curiosity :)

Was looking forward to it once it was announced on Steam and finally got a chance to purchase and play it!

Super colourful and fun just like I imagined, BUT way cuter! Adorable game.

Hello!! Did stream your game recently, it's a good read to take a break off everything and a rather colourful experience overall!