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Beautifully simple and deep as anything! I really like the playing card determiner - much nicer than rolling a dice. The prompts are enough to guide you but not constrain. I am looking forward to exploring more with this. Thank you :-)

That was speedy :-) Well my work ranges from a workers cooperative running an organic farm shop with to storywalks and farm exploring with I have come to the conclusion that mostly everything is storytelling with a view to supporting healthy people and communities. Tomorrow we are off to sing to apple trees!! I am curious to see how it happens but the first Gathering Storm gameplay led so well from prompt to prompt there was a real logic to the evolving story. All of this is from an involvement in DnD way back in the 70s and a recent rediscovery of and the huge range of game styles and inspirations. I am always looking for where the game can link to my working practice. Thanks for asking :-)

This is a thought provoking game with a lot of depth. I work alongside regenerative farmers as part of a local food supply web and so the themes are very dear to me. The game play just works! I like the secrets, the splitting of the pack and most of all the map making and annotating. This makes more sense to me than a purely word based journalling and helps keep a game play focus. I really like the references and inspirations. These give Gathering Storm a very solid context. It is also so good to see gameplay sitting in alongside others arts at the Delfina Foundation.  A quick note on the A5 spreads I am picking up stray text on the last page .. curious! Thank you very much for this David

Lovely :-)

I enjoyed this game much! I liked seeing the market take shape as I explored it with the descriptive prompts providing a strong sense of place and character whilst leaving space to storytell. I am trying picture mapping and annotating in the spaces as the cards are revealed. Works rather nicely! Thank you :-)

This is a beautiful game with depth and resonance! I love the Philippine folklore and the mix of gameplay mechanics. Thank you

Great set of prompts, interesting use of dividing the standard deck of cards into three decks and an altogether very nice feel. Thank you

Love the layout and illustration creates a really good vibe!

This is one of those games where the game play is so simple and unique it is brilliant. Thanks :-)

Agree about the sketch. Off to climb mountains 😀 I look forward to finding out more. Good luck on your journey

Enjoying this very much :-) 


An intriguing first story! Great atmospheric set up - loved the card selection guides. Then day one saw the light hose keeper arrive in Autumn winds and treading the worn steps up to the light and a joker promptly shuffled the pack which meant that day two saw the storm emerging from the deep. Spectacular and most unexpected :-) Looking forward to the next story! Thank you!

The magic of hidden places ... lovely! Like the folding as well. Many thanks 

This is looking rather good.  I do like the support that the prompts give and the use of two cards to tell the story of the day. This is something One Day at a Thyme uses and it makes for a nice creative play. I like your  references. I know some and will enjoy exploring the others.  Thanks Julian

Overwhelmingly positive and yes life is magic. Thank you