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Thank you. The ACCL is a great initiative and I Hope more people adopt it in this current economic situation.

Thank you, Rev! Really glad you enjoy the system

Hey Meekdjdnvsnks, there isn’t currently a download for this. All of the information is on this page.

I’ll work on drafting up a PDF soon.

This is great, thank you. I will try this in the next playtest. I’m glad you are finding the system useful!

Thank you for this, Brian. Adding a maximum number of tokens is an excellent idea and I may suggest this in the rules.

Wonderful writeup. You’re right. Dungeons aren’t just a place for players to explore, they’re a home to something or someone. I’ll look forward to your #dungeon23 updates.

Thank you very much! I’m glad it helped you :)

Great job! This is a fresh take on rock, paper & scissors. It allows for conflict resolution without a random element.

Thank you, Cassi!

Thank you for the kind response!

I’ve returned from a weekend trip and have finally added the credit to the game page :)

Hey cmartins! I really love your work. In fact, I owe you an apology. I was aware of PAST when I was developing this oracle.

The oracle went through a few iterations and along the way I neglected to properly credit you with the original format for the open-ended oracle found at the end of the bookmark. I’m not at home at the moment, but as soon as I am able to I will amend the game page to make this clear.

I hope you accept my apology and thank you for your inspiring work!

I roll for Event at the start of a day, or at the beginning of a scene. I use it whenever I need something to happen in the narrative.

Thank you for bringing this up. You’re right, this isn’t explicitly stated and it’s unclear. Hopefully I can address this in a future revision.

A great premise! We need more games like this that inspire positivity.

This is great. Thank you, DeReel.

Thank you :) I’m glad you’ll find this useful

Thank you, Sparuh. I certainly recommend looking at the official sheets too, they are some of the best I’ve seen! Good luck to you and your group.

Thank you, Matthieu_be.

Sounds great. I can’t see a way to message you. If you are on Discord my ID is Gwyllgi#7978.

I have some thoughts on expanding the system and I’m currently working in the OSR space.

This is fantastic work! I’m looking forward to using this soon.

What kind of license do you have in mind? I’d love to use these tables in a solo game I’m writing with credit.

Fantastic, well done! Feel free to make a page for this if you like :)

Hey, I’m getting a 404 “page not found” error with this link. Looking forward to seeing it!

Thank you so much. Sure, here is a template of the master file I used to make this: Canva Template.

A Spanish version sounds great. I’ll link to it in this game’s description when it’s available.

That’s correct, DeReel! Just fill them out as best you can. Thank you for your submission - it’s really great!

These are really great illustrations!

Thank you for your question! That’s right, generally one character and one key per scene but a player can play more of each if they want to within the narrative.

Keys replace the setting elements found in other games based on Belonging Outside Belonging. In those games, setting elements are all the pieces of a game usually controlled by a Gamemaster. They are aspects of the setting that the characters can interact with.

Anything can be a Key. The trees in a scene, the sound of a tractor tumbling along the country path, a flock of birds.

The difference between Character and Key is that you own your Character, only you decide what they can do. Nobody owns a Key, and anyone can collectively use any key to drive the narrative.

Thank you, Thomas! Your notes on the scenario matrix were great to read. Looking forward to seeing more.

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Thank you very much. I hope you find these useful.

While playtesting and developing narrative games, it became crucial for players’ security and well-being to know what they can do at any stage of the process. Creating an on-the-spot, improvised narrative isn’t always something that comes naturally. I wanted Myriad and Marauder to provide that clear framework and also favour player choice over random results.

Beak, Feather and Bone has been on my to-buy list for a long while so I went ahead and bought it today. Looking forward to delving into community hacks and making some myself. Thanks!

This is great. Competitive world building is a really intriguing idea! I will definitely be incorporating this into my worldbuilding sessions.

RAGS is great. You’ve captured the feel of an OSR system using token mechanics. I love the idea of starting with 1d6 tokens and using tokens as hitpoints. You’ve also allowed for a lot of room to maneuver with the spend/gain token economy. Well done!

Thank you, Viditya, I’m really glad you like the game!

I think Key & Token could count as both. I had a great time researching the different ways people have approached token mechanics. I love to breakdown complex systems into smaller components and make something new.

I wonder what people will make from this? So exciting!

Thank you for the kind words! I’m very much looking forward to seeing what people do with this and I hope the game inspires more people to create and play around with this style of roleplay. If you do make something inspired by Key & Token, please let me know.