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Doesn't work anymore 😞

Genuinely??? Helpful??? Thanks for making this!

*sounds of brutal peer review*

Not the lonelyeyes.  

Well made but I couldn't finish all the endings from second hand embarrassment. 

My favorite ending was the perfect ending with the goth bookstore. It was a fun homage to an old favorite.

 I LOVED episode 1 it was so fun and engaging, and I like that the characters get along well despite their different personalities. They had a wonderfully written dynamic and I enjoyed the twist ending immensely. As a horror hound (and a bit of a crybaby), the balance between scary and fun was very satisfying and I found myself exploring the whole map just to see the different flavor texts. The first chapter was such a delightful experience! Your game was really impressive and I can't wait to see episode two when it comes out!

cool thanks!

how do u open the doors????

That aspect was truly ingenious. Thank you for sharing this project with us!

this was a lot of fun and i loved trying to get my little sheep in a circle!! Thank you for sharing this!

Why did you make this? And what does it mean? Is it meant to make players afraid or comforted?

This is incredible. I love the characters and the story is really good and immersive! Great job.