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Gresh Von Zuki

A member registered Dec 29, 2019

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This made me laugh , I disagree with you about most of what you said but thanks for the laugh. I don't see how not allowing people under 20 on the internet would be a massive blow and all that … ( not sure if you're serious and being melodramatic or joking or what ) -  you know there's these things called books and parents and other adults could / should teach them basics and stuff about how the internet works without letting them on the internet.

In my opinion anyone under 20 really shouldn't be allowed on the internet in the first place. Please do come back when you've grown up a little.

Yeah , that part is kinda creepy / stupid. But then again I haven't been lucky or outgoing enough in real life to know if that can actually happen during foreplay or intercourse... *blush* LOL

Got to 5 days. I may try for longer in the future. At first I tried to be good but got bored with that and saw that some people got further despite letting certain images through. For the rest of the playthroughs I deleted only the worst of the bad images and let some things through in a rebellious streak. I would also sometimes just not do chores to give me a break for my mental health. I think it's best if you only wake Dan once and try to sleep anyway for most of the game. I got fired in two playthroughs. I don't know if there's a way to get past 5 days. Thanks for making this!

I usually hate it when people use Unity to make games but this is is a fun game with a good message. Thank you for making this , it's short but cute. I hope to see more like this in the future.

Since there is really only one thing you can do , I wouldn't call it a game. However , I still like it. Nicely done on the creepy.