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A member registered Jul 06, 2023

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Fun game with a great aesthetic. Unfortunately, the ending is bugged for Mac players. At least this was my experience.

So... damn... creepy. Doesn't over stay its welcome. Unfortunately, missed one of the endings.

Crazy. Wild. Wack.

This game is HILARIOUS! Comedic genius incarnate. Love the concept and interface. Very much a casual point-and-click adventure. 10/10!

I loved getting the crap scared out of me by these creepy Dementors. So eerie and atmospheric. Really fun!

Thoroughly enjoyed this amazing game! SO MUCH FUN!

Kinda feels like a student project not gonna lie. Not very scary, but not surprisingly funny.

Super simple, dumb fun! Some significant bugs here and there, but still very enjoyable. Dogs are very cute!

This was so relaxing and cool! Honestly, so simple in both concept and execution that you are kind of forced to like it.

Brilliant game! Had a lot of fun playing it. Here's some gameplay for anyone interested.

One of the weirdest games I have ever played. Great gameplay though. Stupid fun! 8/10

Very atmospheric and such attention to detail. Loved playing it! Very cool.

Probably the greatest game I have ever played. Super funny and dark. Definitely will make feel good playing it. Very clean graphics too. Amazing! 10/10

Super atmospheric and simple game. Definitely worth a look. Great work!