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super well made game, I love the difficulty

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Overall mood is so well done with music and visual effects

I really like the atmosphere, at first I wasn't sure about the day circle but with time I clearly could tell each day appart, since you can overfeed plants I sometimes prefered to just feed my plants all day isntead of reading the story which is a shame because the story is such a good part of the game. It would be interesting if the board increases in size as you play or something else changes making the game less repetetive (since you'll be writing the same lines over and over again, maybe mix it up and give players a reason to not just go for a1 a2 a3 by making some spaces feeded by default making it more appealing to plant "out of control"). Additionally I couldn't really tell the difference between the seeds (besides the lovely art) meaning I wouldn't mind getting one at random, if one kind of seed would be better than the rest or if there was a hierarchy I would prioritize some over the other. Also regarding the seeds I sometimes unlocked a seed but couldn't plant it right away and had to wait several days to get a chance, maybe make it so the first seed is 100% one of the new kind after unlocking a new one. In order to make the hierachy I mentioned earlier more usable plants should decay after a few days and feed the ground so the player would need to decide if he wants to harvest worse plants to sacrifice them but missing out on the free nutriens or keeping them for other seeds. I hardly ever used the "time" command, maybe add a small clock that shows the time...  all the time (pls don't kill me) and make waiting not skip 24h but skip until the next noon.
I found this from your youtube video and found the idea really interesting because the player (the farmer) does his mundane task even with horrible weather (might be due to muscle memory -> hidden lore the Player is a sad farmer who is stuck in the past and can't move on even on extreme conditions) but sadly it's lacking in some points (mostly mentioned above), awesome game nonetheless, I love the atmosphere. 

I hate that some enemies deal damage even after getting defeated, it just turns it into a reroll while running away until you find that one combination of 2 cards. Awesome game otherwhise

really awesome game, more content would be amazing

cool buggy game, more content, i.e. sounds enemies items and so on would make this game really good

Really fun game, more enemies and goals/achievments would make for 1 addicting mobile game

Really fun game

Really cool game, more levels and "wasd" controlls would be awesome

this is so awesome, if only I could play it on android though