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Anyone wanna a higher fps better version of this?

i litteraly had to blow all of my money on an exorcist because my baby started glowing red and floating babies days ya know what i mean

pretty fn game!

this is an amaizing game and one thing i figured out is that it is actually 3D! theres a problem in the dog modle that makes a part of the nose clip through the snout when u lean all the way to the side witch broke the effect of a 2D game the dog bones are 2D and the doggo is 3D

does anyone know how i can fix missing texturs? im on windows 7

idk if this is just my graphics card but everything on my screen is black i can hear the sounds but i cant see anything

can you add a setting to change the graphics? my game was lagging so i went to lower down the res and there was no option to

ok so i figured out that my pc cant run 3d games as well as 2d games so its ok its just my pc no matter how much you optimize it it will not work so i just need a newer pc

this is really hard to play because the fram cap is always 10 fps idk if thats just my pc but can u fix that if its nt just my pc

well you better move theres a monster outside that chases you after a while lol 

Hey can you fix the windows 7 assets not loading glitch? the same thing happens to me when i play

ok ill try agian when your done fixing it

for me it doesnt work on linux i dont know about other people though