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real talk, probably the most fun I've had in a browser shooter apart from actual counterstrike. If possible, I know it might be a bit much, but if you ever got around to giving each weapon its own mouse/scope sensitivity, that would be dope. Fantastic game though, and I absolutely see myself killing plenty of time (and enemies) in this

edit: what's with the opensea wallet thing under account in settings though? are there gonna be nfts associated with this game? and how do I open the free crates? I just get a button that says "WEN" but does nothing if I click or click and hold


but when will they add it

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Personally, once you get to the party, the dialogue seems to be a bit too tough for me to really figure out. I say as many different sentences as I can, omitting words as I say everything differently in my head and I can't quite figure it out. Otherwise, I did have quite a nice time with this game up until this point.