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Stellar tool!  Simple and creative.

Look in your Library.  You will find Tuin and the download link.

The sapling description says it will grow an apple tree, but says pear tree in the garden.

Another great tool!  Is there a way to ensure that passage ways contain at least a full one square gap?  I only mention this as tokens cannot move through gaps of less than one square after setting up dynamic lighting and token exclusion in Roll20.  Not a big problem though - just airing a thought :)

The city of Brightstar is coming along nicely, now AD15. The worst they have endured is some corruption, and the loss of a grain crop. Started recruiting military - just in case. Fun times :)

Thanks for the new version 0.07!  Another suggestion (from someone who has no idea how to do it) is bookmarked links in the PDF, i.e. clicking the link in the contents take you to that page.  Nice, but not essential :)

Thanks I appreciate you answering.  Does that mean mean building a well allows 14 civs in the four surrounding tiles?

Is there a maximum to the number of civilians that can inhabit a tile?

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Ah good to know :)  Just a thought about the PDF. Where you mention heart, spade, etc in the text putting the symbol next to the work would help at the reader's eye as to where the suits are mentioned.  I know that is a lot of work though :)

Also, could be helpful to mention the goods cap of 20 near the beginning.  I just realised the Warehouse increased the cap from 20 to 100.

Things are going well for Brightstar.  Just starting 4AD (after dragon).

Looking forward to trying this.  Came here after seeing Nookrium's YT video.

Just had the same worry.  If you go to your library and select Download Stacklands you should see a link for the Steam key.  It will ask you to log into Steam, then when you click on the link again the key will appear.  

Good to know - thank you!

Thank you for this really useful tool.  On my wish list I would like a warp mode, like the City tool, and the ability to select certain features to be present, like a square, or church.

"It's only a model!" :)

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Great little game.  I would like to see it expanded. Instead of little villages a campfire and tents might work better.  I loved the book Piranesi so the exploration of the halls was interesting. +$3

Great little game!  How do I close it in Linux?  Tried control-C etc.