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After the NG+ cleared,I noticed the enemy's HP or defense is growing.They could stand more attack before beat down,it became quite obvious at NG+4.Is there a limit? At what time the enemy will stop enhancing?

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recruit more members into your group,next time make a game like DC or PS2 standard graphics.That will surely  make the game more popular.

What a pity, it seems can not send private message here.HOW about post it by email? Here's my address:

YES,like google,face book,twitter,many countries can use freely ,but we can not.

It is sadly indeed.However,in the old version of resident evil 2,there was already Gatling gun in it.Though we will not only to use it to defeat final boss.  : )

Posting comment here is already not an easy thing for our people.Still I have a request.Could you post the conditions of 25 achievements about this game? Although I can get in steam platform and bought the game, I can not open the steam community page to see the details. NOW I just want to know about all these 25 achievements.

Our country has many restrictions about network.A lot of international software,website,we can not get access to or use. The site of discord is included, I clicked the site,but could not open it. 

At the early stage,while Alisa going to second floor to pick up a letter box,a guy shows up  in the ground floor.Who is that guy? He is not the guy Alisa chasing in the beginning,right?

Jean's accent is very special,some words don't sound like English.What kind of the languages come from? French? Italian?

 ALISA equips Gatling gun to defeat the final boss is the tribute image to the resident evil 2 remake's Claire to defeat G4, right? very intersting.

At last, I got the crossbow!IT is hidden so well,but is not good to use.It just for one shot,and the reload is quite slow.BUT the arrows will stick to the enemy's body is very real.The weapons I like in this game are the machine gun and military shotgun. Gatling gun is very powerful,but could not use much.

The rope?It could go back to underground,but still can't remove the barricade.  

Maybe I have to give up,still can't find the crossbow.I noticed a barricade in the courtyard outside,but got no way to open it.3 control panels can not remove that barricade. Maybe the crossbow is in there? 

Here's another question,there are arrows sold in the shops .What weapon can use the arrows? I have bought all the weapons in the shops ,but found no one can use the arrows 

It doesn't matter.YES,that should be deleted,I am being inconsiderate.And the 6th mod puzzle is hidden quite well, I found it out only by chance.

By the way, Alisa and Jean are good friends,right? The first ending ,in Alisa's room ,I found them in a photo. The 2nd ending,Jean let Alisa go off.    

So the modifications need to buy are the ones that only in shop? But not the mini game that in circus? It cost 50 toothwheels to play for one round 

And ,thank you very much for the reply and the game!   

I am so glad for your reply.This is a very good individual game.OK,I will test it out at once!

you said the developer's version has 2 new endings.SO,it means there are 3 endings total,right? BUT I beat the game five times,and only get 2 endings.COULD you tell me the condision of how to get all the endings?

hello ,Casper Croes, I have questions about the game


Casper Croes   , I like  your game alisa very much ,it is great