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o jogo é perfeito, mas está muito pesado no Android, os vídeos quase nem rodam e dificulta até em selecionar as alternativas. Uma dica: você poderia substituir os vídeos por imagens (as mesmas animações dos vídeos só que em sequência de imagens) pra deixar mais leve.


no Android o jogo congela infinitivamente depois da mensagem do Matheus "blz mano, bora outro dia então"

like, I'm confused because there's an Android symbol on the cover but there's no Android version

Android version?

Is there any way to make this game run on Joiplay?

does season 0.3 end with tom and mike in bed or am i doing something wrong? because after this scene, go back to the bathroom 

I just did this with all versions, it stays on a loading screen for a while then exits the app alone

When will the Android version arrive?😥 I tried to play the PC version through joirplay but I couldn't

Emthese are going to be the most awaited 30 days of my life😅

want to make an Android version?


will there be an Android version?

I'm already counting the hours for the new version🔥🥳

this game is so perfect and it's still translated into brazilian portuguese, if i had conditions i would donate more than 1000$

Is it true that you are going to release the free sequel to the game on the 13th?

Hello in this game can be gay? If not, is there any Android game that can be gay?

Does this game also reach the gay audience? if not, can you recommend me more gay games?