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I'm closing in on year 10 of trying to make my own 'souls inspired mecha ttrpg'. I'm really grateful you decided to stop waiting or who knows when this niche would finally be filled.

I've never dabbled in solo tabletop before, but I've wanted a mecha-souls game for so long I was willing to give it a try. It's been surprisingly gripping. The theme works very well with the mechanics. Souls games are about pushing your luck, it's logical the core system facilitates exactly that. Looking forward to the physical release and any further exploration of this setting.

I streamed the game for friends, we all really enjoyed it!

The papercraft aesthetic is beautifully realized, allowing the horror and humor elements to shine. There's a lot of clever asset use. You're working largely with big, flat, uninteresting geometry, but slapping a cardboard texture on it brings the game to life. We spent a lot of time simply looking at the environment, smitten by little details.

It's mechanically very interesting as well. Movement is floaty, but feels like it could have a high skill ceiling. In addition to the double jump and kick, you can use the crouch slide mid jump to move pretty fast. Going fast is fun. Using slow-mo while going fast to perform needlessly complicated movement tech is fun.

We were also intrigued by the limited ammunition. It made weapons feel somewhere between survival horror and special ability. I'd like to see it explored more. It's a refreshing take on boomer shooter gameplay.

My critiques are echoed in other comments, and like everyone else I'm also very much looking forward to the full release.

Fun demo! You seem to know about the controller issues already so I'll skip that.

My main critique is the game is very easy. I don't think I died once and I beat the end boss practically by accident, two levels in the gun stat was enough to obliterate him with the pistol. The difficulty plays nicely with how easy the campfires are to overlook. I kept thinking they were decoration, and I wasn't punished for skipping them.

That being said, I can't wait to see more of this game. The core soulsborne themes and mechanics translate very nicely to a wild west setting. The world building is already solid, which is a great indicator. I want to call out deputy summoning hanged men as one of my favorite moments. The fight may have been easy, but that was cool as hell.

Keep up the good work! 

This games rules. The demo filled a hole in my heart that I didn't know existed until today. Looking forward to more. 

After the game, I ran a behind the scenes session where I talked about the decisions I made, stuff they missed, and of course that I was one of the apprentices. My players were more excited about murdering me than I expected. 100% worth

I backed this at the level that got one of the wizard apprentices named after me, ran the game three years ago, never thought to comment.

Easily one of the best games I ever ran. It was very easy to lean into the horror and it managed to greatly unsettle the players. I ended up using a system more geared to survival aspects than dnd and that helped a lot. Players were so invested in helping the town they didn't realize the door locked behind them. Would love to run it again some day.

What a nice little game. I didn't expect to spend new year's morning playing it but it's 3am now. All the systems play nicely together in a way that's compelling to learn and difficult to master.

This has been a very cute and very fun game. Clarity is the only thing it really struggles with. With a bit more polish in the UI/UX department I could see this being a regular play for me.

With an OST as acid washed as its graphics, the game oozes style. Unfortunately, this doesn't 100% make up for melee not working for the player or their enemies. I still recommend you give it a try, just make sure to pick the fireball option from your arsenal.   

Shows promise! There's a lot of interesting mechanics.

The aesthetic and gameplay really work well together. Would be very excited to see a more developed version of this project.