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A member registered Nov 13, 2019

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What a nice little game. I didn't expect to spend new year's morning playing it but it's 3am now. All the systems play nicely together in a way that's compelling to learn and difficult to master.

This has been a very cute and very fun game. Clarity is the only thing it really struggles with. With a bit more polish in the UI/UX department I could see this being a regular play for me.

With an OST as acid washed as its graphics, the game oozes style. Unfortunately, this doesn't 100% make up for melee not working for the player or their enemies. I still recommend you give it a try, just make sure to pick the fireball option from your arsenal.   

Shows promise! There's a lot of interesting mechanics.

The aesthetic and gameplay really work well together. Would be very excited to see a more developed version of this project.