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How does Psionic interact with Effects and Approaches?

If I Psionic tier 2 Guile, how does that work?

Just glad to have that clarified.

Though I guess also good to know there gonna be a next update to get it fix.

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Hey, question on Prepare, was that meant to be decrease your friction by 2? Why would you wanna spend a token to up your friction?

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This game feels like fertile ground for a homebrewing scene.

Also I can almost imagine "megaheists" where you've many artifacts to gather for a common employer and it shatters the scales chart within the document proper.

Thank ye!

If you see anything you wanna toss in that revamp of yours, feel free to swipe and alter and whatnot!

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Express Changes:

Type is now purely flavor, all Summons get +1/-1 to any pair of stats (including both same to negate them both).

Big Bodied gives +5 HP every 4 levels instead of 1d4 every 2

All d costs listed for Summons are to be ignored, now costs of both Summons and Items are 200d×their Point Costs. So, a Small Treat is 200, a Tasty Treat is 400, and a Delicious Treat is 600. RokkChikk is also 600, Kwombat is 1000, Raveneor is 2800, Terratoise is 4000, and buyable equals to Verdelk and Wyvorm would be 8000.

All 4 Stat shift Potions now do +1/-1 instead of +2/-2 and only cost one Point for each instead of two.

Multi-Strike additional Points now add 2 more strikes instead of +1d2 damage per strike. The increase in d2s is same, but this befits Multistrike more, plus more averaging out on accuracy.

Interperetations of arguable ambiguities:

Unstable Health Booster is "Overheal", you can have 20 "Overheal" at maximum, and you cannot "heal" it through regular heal methods, once it's gone only more Unstable Health Boosters replenish it.

DiskTEK centers revive 1 Summon per 500.


MP restore items! For 1 Point, get a Sweet Sip that replenishes 1 MP. For 2 Points, get a Cold Drink that replenishes 1d2 MP. For 3 Points, get a Grand Gulp that replenishes 1d4 MP.

Skill Converter item! Costs 3 Points, can take 1 Normal Skill a Summon has and "refund" it, giving back ALL Points spent on it to be reused for making or improving other Skills.

Added Abilities:

Rambunctious: If enemy rests, only recovers 1d8 Health and 1 MP of a move.

Sweet Dreamer: When Resting, can replenish 1 MP for 2 Skills instead of 2 MP for 1. [Note: Cannot be used if the current opponent has Rambunctious]

Restless: Summon cannot rest, but gains 2 extra points to use for Skills and 10 Health.

Ultrimate: Has 2 Ultra Skill Points instead of 2 Skill Points initially, cannot gain normal Skill Points (can still gain Ultra Skill Points), +1 additional Stat Point every 2 levels.

Momentous: Speed gives no Initiative bonus and gives 10 Movement per Point instead of 5.

One Note: -1 Points to 4 DIFFERENT Stats, +4 (EDIT: 5) Points to 1 DIFFERENT Stat.

EDIT: Skilled: -1 to all stats, +3 Skill Points, +1 Ultra Skill Point

Surplus Skills:

Panic (Attack, 6 MP, Self): Roll 1d4; on 4, select 1 other Skill this Summon has and use it without spending MP from it. Each additional Point gives this Skill 1 MP.

Swing Recklessly (Attack, 0 MP Close Range): Does not need MP to be used. Deal 1d6 damage to target and user. Additional Points add +1 to hit.

Counter (Attack, 6 MP, Self): Until the start of your next turn, if this Summon is hit by a damaging  Close Range Skill, it gets one strike in before the effects of the Skill it was hit with can set in. The Summon that struck this Summon takes 1d2 damage. Additional Points add additional d2s.

Muscle Mirror (Attack, 5 MP, Self): User performs the last Attack Skill any enemy Summon successfully hit it using. Additional Points give +1 MP.

Summon See Summon Do (Attack, 1 MP, Long Range): Has -6 to hit. Gain a copy of the last Skill the target used this Match, minus any additional Points the target has spent improving it, until the end of this Match. Additional Points to this Skill add 1 MP to this Skill.

Scramble (Magic, 3 MP, Close Range, Self): Target's controller's opponent decreases 1 Stat by 1 Point, then target's controller increases 1 Stat by 1 Point. Each additional Point gives this Skill 1 MP.

Accurse (Magic, 3 MP, Close Range): Has -6 to hit. Reduce target's Attack, Magic, Defense, and Speed by 1. Additional Points give +1 to hit, and every 6th additional Point reduces enemy Stats by 1 more.

Magic Mirror (Magic, 5 MP, Self): User performs the last Magic Skill any enemy Summon successfully hit it using. Additional Points give +1 MP.

Memorize (Magic, 1 MP, Long Range): Has -6 to hit. Gain a copy of the last Skill the target used this Match, minus any additional Points the target has spent improving it, until the end of this Match. Additional Points to this Skill are applied to the Skill copied.

Maybe, maybe!

Personally I see it as less a stall build and moreso a "Turn O. P. builds against themselves" build.

I can just imagine a Summon built with low Health and Speed, plenty of accuracy drops from ability and skill choice, and but so much Sheer Damage and Defence and perhaps even healup too as to have the strategy "Wait for the high roll while being invincible."

And, by how Confusion reads to my eye, seems it bypasses enemy Rs when triggered!

Now, a high HP high accuracy build would have no such worries... but it won't be cleaving through my Summons in a single connecting attack, nor basically irrelevancing any attempts I'd make at hurting it.

Did get the Gaza bundle, yes.  And, I suppose I could share ideas of mine someplace. If nowhere else, maybe just as a topic on these store pages.

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Huh, normal comments instead of the like community topic posts thing on the other pages.

I made a Summon with no direct damage moves just Confusion and Blind and I love that that is okay.

I love so much that I can have a summon that makes the opponent hit themself as their sole means of damaging.

And if my opponent tries to just wait it out then my Summon can rest to replenish MP, so my opponent has no real choice but to go for the gamble.

I love so much that the game will just Allow that.

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If you do revamp I'll gladly get it!

I just saw it seemed the expansions repeated the original doc, so it felt more like 2nd edition to me.

Wanted to know if I was missing anything. I do have stuff I'd change in spots, even arguably a couple of big bits, but, honestly I think I'd like to wait and see if anything more concrete comes about whethee or not you do in fact revamp before I publish any of it.

I'm under no delusion that any ideas I have would be beyond your ability to have, and I don't wanna risk people bein' mean to you if they find a thing I posted up after you do revamp and we just by coincidence thought similar on a few things.

As for hiding original, could maybe keep it as like a demodoc or somesuch, a "here's a purposely older/less refined version to help you decide if you want to buy" maybe, like a ttrpg "demo" in a sense.

This feels more like it makes the original doc non-relevant than just "expands" on it.

What does the original Disk Masters document tell that these "expansions" don't retell? Feels more like a second edition than like expansions.

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Welcome, noticed also it applies to other version as well, both V and P.

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Wait, so are we still doing a d20 roll to see if it goes off even after hatching...?

I feel more confused than before...

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Thank you suppose, will check that out!

Immediate edit: JPG version works, thank you!

Full text: "

Mysterious Glitch (Each day, roll a 1d20. If it lands on a 20, the glitch becomes an additional Summon of your own creation. Every two days, gain 1 point to add to your Summon's stats when it is born. 3 points.)"

How does "Every two days" interact with "when it is born"? I am Very Very Confused.

Text seems to get messed up for me? Escapes confines of the table boxes and overlaps with other text a lot, makes some bits tough to read.

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Highly sparse, could be very interesting to expand on.

And, being about hackers modders and speedrunners, making fan expansions to the game would actually be pretty fitting!

Also, Cloud's Edge "being unstable at the best of times" feels unsupported by the mechanics, maybe a cheatless roll should have some small chance to lower stability despite being a cheatless roll...?

Likely better seen as a core to build onto than as purely standalone as-is, though definitely playable and most probably set to be enjoyable for anyone who'd bother reading the comments on it at all.

Maybe could even theme the fan expands around DLC or somesuch, for theming's sake.

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See, here's the thing:

I got bored before I could be convinced that the auras and/or dragon should even be a part of this at all.

Game takes too long to make me care. Does a bad job of convincing me that it's better to hear about all of that than it woukd be to have a version of this game where none of that's even canon.

What makes all this better than just "Angels took you, there is no combination of actions that will ever tell you why they did that or how, just go deal with it."?

...bit overlored. I dunneed to know about demon dad and the history of demonnapping and that I was carried with gloves and on and on and honestly the internal monologuing was also a tad much maybe just focus on "This is the Action you're Taking"?

I know answer's probably "no", but, any chance of android app?

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Part of me wants a game where that wouldn't be needed, if that makes any sense. A sorta anti-platformer of sorts, with the opposite of precision. Least, that's what I learned from playing with this.

A game that wants you gliding about on momentum as your regular default state, perhaps where any platforms you'd want to land on are big enough that your "stop gliding" is just faceplanting.

Maybe a version where one of the modes is actually doable whem not distracted? 0/10

Thank you kindly, am quite surprised something like this is even theoretically possible to be honest! Very Confuse.

Seriously, how am supposed to read?

Thank you, but unfortunately I have sworn off of D&D by now.

How few does it support?

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...I think what this game taught me is I don't actually like platformers like I thought. "Slidey and floaty" seem more to my liking oddly, with the default settings, and my extremes I put didn't slide, but, I sure leaned into floaty pretty hard! Heck, I basically made Kit fly and bypassed the challenges, and going through on the presets didn't quite feel as fun for me.

Is there a term for, like, "anti-platformers" I guess? I put in 19 max speed and 80 for Accel/Decel, max jump height/duration with no downgrav increase, doublejump on, air accel/control/brake all maxed, variable height on, max coyote time/jump buffer and minimum terminal velocity, and I absolutely drenched it in every drop of juice I had, and it was legitimately the most fun "platformer" experience I think I've had, and I've played a lotta sonic and mario games...

Also: No idea what "Jump Cutoff" does, maybe a question circle coulda been nice for it.

...did anyone else feel like the "Doesn't feel right" defaults were actually fun a bit even with the level clearly not built to accommodate?

I feel like default settings Kit could very well have a place in a game built to accommodate the high speed high jump platforming Kit was doing.

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Very fun exploration of the implications of fantasy and reality meeting one another.

Honestly half-expected the stairs to be transphobic, I'd say this story was better.

Reached the end, seems nice. I've a few... hopes regarding what happens in the full version.

Let's just say I think Viv deserves better than she seems to realize. And I have my suspicions who is the guilty party based more off vibes and the fact this is a story than off the actual case evidence.

Woot woot! Thank ye! Can only imagine what problem must've been.

Oh, nice! Thank you for figuring this out! I can only imagine what the issue was

Thank you. Disappointing that the app screws this up, but, least there is another way around.

Windows PC.

Third product this has ever happened to me on, seems Itch can't find what it is supposed to let me download or something such...?

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Can't install it? I try but when I get to the little popup where you select from the dropdowns the first one meant to have the game in it is an empty dropdown...Only ever happened on one other product ever to me (edit: two others now, and one of is in same bundle as well...), can't even recall what, but usually this doesn't happen. Retries don't fix, I am confuse.

Woo! Rebundled! More folks gon play more Magic Trick!