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Did you ever end up reporting him?

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It's surprising how almost every game you have is stolen content. I mean, I'm honestly just curious why you do it.

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Is it safe to assume that this is no longer available?

After looking through the updates, yeah.

For what it is, it's fun.

This is a really nice game. It's sad to see it doesn't get the attention it deserves

It is pretty hard to make a chrome OS version unless it's an html file, but it would still be nice.

I really like this game!

I just wanna play the game with someone...

this happens more than ya think

Is this game still in development? The last comment was 5 months ago and the last actual update was posted back in July. Is it dead or no?

I know that crashing on the tank section is ordinary, but I really don't have a way to play this game otherwise. I would love to see what else the game offers , because i'm sure it's great.

It's sad to know that this game has ceased all development

Uhhhh, i got softlocked. I'll have to refresh i guess