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Guru Jr

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Any chance of this game also being on Steam with Steam Achievements and all that? Also I gotta say good job on the pixel art it looks amazing and I love the whole feel of the game! I wish you luck on your future games!

Cool thanks

Did you use my demon sprite for the demon enemy?

Just sent them to you! :)

Sorry I just had my braces put on my teeth so I havent had time to send the sprites over I will send them over now!

I think I will email them to you! I will do this later today!

Now the question is how will I be able to send them over to you?

Also just finnished the bear trap chain chomp sprite!

I just did a demon enemy sprite for you! Would you like to see it?:)

So I think it should be a stationary boss like "Big Machine" from the ultra mod and it should have these living bear traps that are on chains that are chained to the wall and act like chain chomps from the Mario series! I might even try and sprite them for you if you want? :)

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So do you have any ideas how the Hell's Gate boss will work? If not I have got some pretty good ideas!

Yeah it says its invalid to me also!

What is the code to unlock build 19?

Just wondering? How do you get to the inverted dessert? have been to it twice but does it appear randomly or something?