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Crisp Yam

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This game kinda emulates the feeling of opening up one file into another directory until you forgot what you were looking for. good game 10/10

So yea guys im sorry but if you think this game is bad you need to rethink your life, because the art direcion alone is stunning, the ui is so unique the way you can drag weapons and vanity items on and off, and overall its just such a different experience than other games. Like fr guys this game is it. You gotta get this on steam one way or another.

nice. thanks

this is random but let me know, if i get this will i later get the steam key for it if it is ever released on steam. this may have already been talked about if so my apologies.

also cool thing youve made here


how do we play the original?

i could see this becoming very popular if you were to release a full version with aliens, vehicles trading, and stuff. also more planets maybe? 

also this gsme is really good

it wont let me open the game. ):