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DUDE !!! Not my sexy redhead big tiddies barmaid waifu!

Damn, the game save the conversation!

Indeed, we need demon fembois too.

Can you post your art please? I am curious.

Where is demon girlfriend? :(

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I finished the game around 8 times, but could only get 4 endings. Is there anything else than "bad/good" meter that count?

Also, how does praise/punish work?

Can we have the sequel: phone adventure in toilet?

Fish want me, Jellyfish scare me.

Is Boss's theme a Jojo reference?

There is 6 big electorat transition:

  • 1comes from defence, cut military budeget and be more diplomatic to get them.
  • 2 are immigration related, open your border and intergrate foreigner to get them
  • 3 are economical, either buy back private sector with budget surplus, support worker unioons or socialize healthcare.

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If only you knew about metaphor.

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5 endings found:

1) Go east, then south and south again, take the bridge, enjoy the ride.

2) east, south, east, go in bar, see your familly

3) east, south, east, east, look at the bench

4) east, south, east, east, north, east, north, the inn at last.

5) east, south, north-east, pray the lord.

Every thing back to normal comrade, let's make america green again.

I think the new browser version is bugged.

Electrification program cut all red energie instead of half.

Pumped storage hydropower and smart greed destroy green power.

Cici sells seashells by the seashore.


Hard but fun.

!!! SPOILER !!!

Wow, big oof.

L'intersiderale sera la queue du chien.

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Lonely wolf Treat, ch8.

Feels good man. Hope she will find a way.

Bawk bawk bawk.

Yes, i like games about politic and journalism (republia times, westport independent, etc)

Still missing endings 1, 5 and 6. Did I miss something?

The third would be reflexion: avoid hand touching, talk about the movie lightning, watch the movie.

I don't know if it is something voluntary or not, but you CAN'T suppress anti-censorship thoughts.

🐸❤️🐱 🐏❤️🍫 🐻❤️🪙 🐇❤️🍾

Nerd: information will cost you 8 qart...

Me: I AM THE LAW ! 📯

Freedom for the workers! 🏴✊🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜✊🚩

... what the hell?

Is this a Passengers refence?

I see you are a cutured person as well.

Morgan: go out with me?


... sad.