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I have, and I tried using a mouse with arrow keys and it was so damn uncomfortable, dude you are not a gamer if you don't use wasd, its the unspoken rule

is ok

same, except for sarah

I gets to wip me ass!

welcome to the world of gaming, where using wasd is essential to survival, because using arrow keys and the mouse is uncomfortable. you must ask yourself, are you a gamer or not?

the mother is so horrific


figured that out the hard way lol

the parameters are movement speed 30, mortality rate 3% number of people as many as you want, incubation 8s (8 days in real time) sick time 14s (2 weeks real time)

how to pick up lightsaber?

I single handedly brought it up by 150...

fuck him up!

This is the only game on that I have spent 2 hours on lol

those were all examples of things you should add, not random comments



fuck this shit I'm out

mario saying "Booooooobieeeeeees"

I can't do anything

I tested the coronavirus using americas parameters,  30 out of 1000 americans will not make it through, (although the test was not perfect and scientific tests are more reliable)



there is nothing you can do to stop yourself from becoming lonely and ugly

I can't get past the 3rd stage

ikr, wait nvm, just wait patiently

I like song

no, terminal

7/10 could use some work but was overall great

6/10 sound was ok, otherwise, I like it

7/10 Quite enjoyable

Yes, there is alread a game named hardware tycoon