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I remember that feeling well back when I ran my own indie videogames studio. It could get stressful at times. One of the reasons I'm happier being back writing tabletop roleplaying games. Always enjoyed the game development and writing, didn't enjoy the business development and 'suit' stuff :D

Keep on going - it sounds like you are moving in the right direction, and for what it's worth I will be encouraging many of my friends to get the game as I think they will enjoy it.

wow that's a great post. I like all the changes you've talked about. Sounds like the iterative design process is working well for you. Can't wait to play the full version.

Oooh, time to try it again!

No worries. Stay safe in these strange times! I hope the game development continues well.

A great update post!


This version works fine! BitDefender had no issues this time. Am playing it now :)

Thanks for that, though as Ingix says below I've had no issue with other Ren'Py games (I do a lot of python development  myself). I'll try the next version you release. Happy to buy this game btw - looks very cool!

Really want to try this but sadly my BitDefender is blocking the exe as it detects (correctly or incorrectly) malware in the exe. Sigh. Will try again with a later version. Game looks like it will be my cup of tea, so good luck with it! I will continue to follow developments - saw it on RockPaperShotgun btw