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I really enjoyed this. Great little one handed game. 
The story felt really disconnected at first until I found things that linked together; Names, Dates, and Events. Then I went back and revisited some of the previous notes and piece it all together.
One thing I will say negative is in the use of the journal in the first part as the Gateway to the second. I spent the second part not looking at the journal till the very end because I thought it would take me somewhere else. It wasn't until the locked box told me the key was  in the journal that I ever looked at it. 

Thank you for a wonderful game.

Thanks. Well alot of the games on my site are not actually uploaded anywhere. Most are not even finished. I keep them on there so I can eventually go back and finish them at some point. But I am working on getting some playable to uploaded in half finished states.

Sorry about that. I do not currently own a playstation controller I can test.

I had a little trouble reading some of the text but I found the voices to be quite good.

The control of the character was a little wonky, The Vive controller not being designed to be moved in some of the directions so easily. But other than that i had alot of fun.

I really like the overall Style of the Game. My biggest concern is movement. Have you played Onward. They use the Touchpad to denote the WASD but its based on the direction the controller is facing. So if i point the controller to the left and press forward i move Left, if i then press right, i move Forward (the way Im Facing). It allows you to Still have the controller in front of you while strafing and moving. so you can use your hand to do other things still. And doubletap to Run..