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I dont know when it was first released, but the last update was a year ago, time flys when you forget about things.

I do say this was the main factor for FRHD adding teleporters, antigravity, ect

thank you for getting Kano off their ass.

I encourage more updates so kano has more stuff to steal from this version!

happy birthday FRGD

stfu phase

thank you man, this is awesome. I hope Kano dosent take it down again

thelgend27, yeah i heard he can fight an army with a single blow




ohhhhhh i wonnnnnnnndeeeeeeeerrrr whoo you are ohhhhhhhhhhh

you know how handy it will be for testing and gameplay, also the no-die mode is great 


bro your a legend

Hi we are the beginners of this forum


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i got all the teleporters nub