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Gulan TwentyEight

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Thank you for the good feedback <3 I tried playing with the idea of bullets staying on for ever but it made the game very hard. Maybe I'll increase the amount of time it stays on the screen.

I had an idea to have enemies rush at the player and had to signal the player. Think i'll implement your idea as well. 

Lots of possibilities for juice all around :) I'll add some of it over the weekend and put up a proper post-jam version.

Thank you for playing! I'm working on an updated version which has a bigger area so "watch this space" :)

Really nice execution. Gives off some Baba Is You vibes. The music gives you a puzzle-like feel as well. I had to find it the hard way that loops don't chain lol

Thank you, I'm glad you had fun :) I'm working on a post-jam version and will make it a bit more lenient.

Love the aesthetics, I guess MC Gravewave is my kinda guy :D

Thank you so much for playing. I barely had time to add anything in here. expect a future version to have some audio and better graphics :)