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aunt seungi

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1: She has absolute no personality whatsoever. She's over-sensitive, selfish, and has no character development.

2: She's the PROTAGONIST. It's impossible to date her.

3: She's non-existent.

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Well, the storyline is cliche but adorable, the characters have a personality to adore and even the teacher is surprisingly interesting.

The problem that -only- I see is with the main character. No personality whatsoever, flaws that only exist for plot convenience, annoyingly cliche mentality and overwhelming sensitivity; she cries/tears up at least once every two darn days. Maybe tone down the Mary-Sue-Ness? Even if it's just a joke, it's still pretty annoying.

That all said, the game is surprisingly good. I'm pleasantly surprised; this was unexpected. Great job, honestly.

I hope you're joking.