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Thank you for the feedback.

Thank you for play and for the advice.

Thanks to play! The art was made on Powerpoint, I use the shapes and sometimes edit them with the "edit points" tool, and the background was made with "pattern fill" tool.

Very good puzzle game. It's very interesting! Congratulations!

This game is incredible! Congratulations! The mechanics confuse our brains, it's so cool.

Cool game.

Very cool game!

It's a fun game! Congratulations!

This is true, does not give a sense of battle, I think by the fact lack of middle frames in the animation. But to deal damage you must be close to the opponent. I did not have time to put a visual or sonorous feedback for the hits, but it can be observed the adversary's life reduces when a hit does damage. But this game is only a prototype, I'll improve it after the jams end.

Interesting game. It would be nice to have some scenery in the background.

Good to hear that. I'll look forward to this update.

It is a simple game, but can be polished and become something incredible. It would be interesting to have a player versus machine mode.

Really cool. Congratulations. I have to know what will happen to the protagonist. I'm waiting a continuation for the story.

Very fun game. Congratulations on the great work.

Interesting game. Some improvements in the graphics and tutorials in game can make it a great game.

Good game! I liked playing the game!

It's very cool. Congratulations!

Very cool game!!! Congratulations!!! Some improvements in the animation of character and a camera with and automatic adjustment can make it better.

Cool game! If it was bigger I would spend hours playing.

Very fun game. And the theme sound is very good!

I has searched about this error. It seems that godot has problems with some GPUs. Maybe if you update your graphics divers the problem can be solved. If your computer has more then one GPU you can try to switch between them as "preferred GPU", one of them can works. It's a problem with the engine so I need to wait a new version with a fix for this problem, when it happens I'll post a new version of the game. I need to thanks you for report the problem and for try to play my game.

Interesting game and cool music! Makes me remember the 8 bits consoles.

This game is a lot of fun.

Cool game. Exploring the map to find a way to pass is fun.

Good game. It was fun to play.

Thanks. I think the godot is a good engines it's free and open source. I only felt a lack of information about the 3d functions of the engine.

Your right, some sound is needed. I'll put some sounds in the future. Thanks for playing. 

Thanks for playing and the advice. I'll try rounded colliders in a future version of the game.

My initial idea was capturing moles, but in the end I used rats, because I couldn't find a mole icon to use in the title.

Thanks for playing and make a video with my game.

Thanks for the feedback. I will pay attention in this points to improve this game and others in the future.

Thanks for playing! I'm glad you liked it.