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You'll use the first table on page 3, pertaining to the topic Messing Up and then you'll make a roll using the number of d6s as indicated by the rightmost column of the table, under "fortune roll" (there you'll see indicared 0D, 1D, 3D ignore criticals etc).

When you roll the dice, take the result as you would in any blades normal roll and find it in the numbered list that is right below. 

i.e. Let's say I need to generate a risky consequence by rolling 4 on a action roll and roll in the consequences table, using one die that lands on a 5.  This leads me to the complications table. Knowing I'd use standard complications for risky consequences, I select that table and roll again, landing on a 3. My action has brought unwanted attention, and I take 1 heat, justifying it in my notes as to how evidences were left or a reliable witnessing of the event happens.

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Hey u should buy this game, specially if it is for a bundle! LET FASCISTS DIE MAD WHILE LGBTQIA+ MEDIA THRIVES. Also report any alt right trolls in this comment section plz.

oh man, so you're the planescape GM? Love that setting, keep me updated on how it develops in FiTD pleaseee

Dunno if you intend to adjust these tropes to Doskvol, nor the answer to your question, though, if you are looking for some inspiration, there are some interesting sources I can reccomend to you.

The Ovate is something of a mix between a monk and a druid. ( )

The Shriek could very well fit the theme of a 5e warlock ( )

The artist is like a "layers of fear" version of a bard ( )

There's also the iruvian playbooks :)

Hello! It is neither licensed nor finished, actually. I'm hoping Harper won't try to take it down atm, but feel free to pm me @ discord if you have further questions.


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Hey John, sorry for bothering you, just wanted to know if there would be more community copies being added here. Thank you for your time