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linux and macOS have different file types i dont know linux but i know that mac cant open .exe but it can open .app

KARLSON community · Created a new topic im bored

who else is waiting for full version

thank you

I am playing on a late 2013 mac pro pls make a same version but low graphics i selected "I have a weak pc" but after 30 seconds of running the game and my pc was burning but i can run a game of skyblock on atleast 30 fps in a block game (if you know which one)


also triangle game is bad rng. MAINLY BECAUSE I ONLY GET SPEED

i beat dusty desert hard mode somehow.

just open the game. then when it says you cant open it click ok, go to system preferences click security and privacy. at the bottom it will say something like "Jelly Drift was recently opened" click open anyway and it will launch. also it works everytime so you dont have to do it every single time you open it.

or just use itch app

its so hard because the car always drifts when i dont want it to

use app then it will probably work.

if u are on mac tell me because i can help :)

mac does not accept .exe files. it only runs .app

why no macOs

ngl looks like karlson

not even macos bro

bro i found this on the mac app store but it was laggy. hopefully this is not laggy

ok i used exe converter now it works

cant play on mac. it only gives me exe file

i did