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Now this is pod racing

I did indeed lie about lowering taxes

I love the hair highlights

This game is pure awesome but could 100% benefit from a few things. Namely, earlier bomb timing. I found myself often pressing right as a bomb was about to connect and found myself down a heart. Having to time your grabs to such a delay seriously kills the pacing of the gameplay.

More a personal suggestion but I think a local PvP mode would be absolutely killer for this high-speed action game.

this game will be the end of me haha. Very nice and very addictive, and just frustrating enough to be fun.

Pretty cool with the momentum and everything but the combat kinda sucked :/

We need more ball facts

It's wonderful

What do the special shades do?

It was a nice game to pick up and play for 15 minutes or so. I'm a fan of simple hack and slashes like this. The music was good as were the sprites.
The bottle smash sound was a bit old by the end but not horrible at all. I love the idea of the strength boost when you're on low health.

A few complaints, though. Comboing anything without a wall around was impossible, since swinging the guitar basically ruined all momentum you have. The jumps felt extremely high, but not bad at all.
It might've also just been me but I found the control scheme a bit odd. Using the arrow keys with the spacebar but not the up key felt a bit odd.

Overall, given the time frame it was made in, it's a pretty good game. With a bit of QoL and mechanic adjustment it'd be great

Ahh, I see. Looking forward to them!

You can change the binds in AppData\white
There should be a file that you can edit for configs

I have a suggestion and a question.
First, is there a way to remap the gamepad controls? All I see is keyboard remaps.
Second, I think a pause feature would really help.

That said, I love this game! I love the way you just hop in and start swinging. It controls smoothly and the style is really cool, and easy to understand even with all the action.

Anyone have tips for beating this? I always either run out of ammo and the pistol isn't fast enough to kill everything fast enough 

I second this

I'm scared to play this but it looks super good...

I tested this, and you're right, not looking always goes to the Sy end. But if I remember correctly (which I probably don't, I have a terrible memory) there's a certain part of an ending (I forget which, maybe the Butterscotch one) where Sy looks but doesn't tell Pastille she knows. So maybe she's acting like she doesn't know in the comics? I don't fully assume the comics are 100% cannon either though. My best guesses are the Gumdrop and Butterscotch.  Either way I guess it doesn't matter too much?

Sorry if you've been asked this before, but I can't really tell which end is cannon. Sorry if I'm just being dumb and it says somewhere in the game.