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Pretty good game! The story, aesthetics, sound, everything fits well together. The game wasn't that hard as long as i kept in mind all the skills and magic i had.

Definitely enjoyed my time with this!

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Amazing, i was waiting for this update <3

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This is one of the funniest games i've played in a long time. I love how almost beliavable situations begins and quickly escalates to insanity!

That will be great, i still think the autosave should use an exclusive slot, if that's not too hard to do of course, but enabling/disabling would be enough.

I'm playing on pc, but it's an old computer using win 7 32 bits.

I theorize that the rain is making it worse in that situation with the goo girl, a few times it loaded enough to even show the first picture before crashing.

Thank you for the quick response <3 

The autosave function is great, thanks for implementing it.
The problem is that it will overwrite the last save, possibly leading to annoyances if you want to reload previous to sleeping it. i didn't fell victim to it because i keep 4 different save files active for a single playthrough, alternating between them.

Thanks for the great game, i love it. Right now i'll be on a hiatus for the null crash fix to be up, stuck in goo girl :(

Adorable game, really cute