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I absolutely loved this. I am very excited for your full release and will be supporting the kickstarter!  Also, I accidentally recorded the game volume too low and couldn't fix it, so I dubbed it over with some other music. Just letting you now the audio isn't broken! I'm sad I screwed that up though, it was very pleasant all around.

Boy did I struggle. This game was hard! But also because I suck at typing XD it was still a fun game, regardless of the rage

This was such a beautiful game. I managed to explore a little of it, and I can't wait to see what the full game will look like!I really enjoyed this small journey :)

Also, is that little shop thing a sidequest? Or just something that hasn't been added in yet?

I could NOT stop laughing at this game. I loved it so much. So very well done and I was only able to find four endings so far!

This game is beautiful! I recorded this before the updates, so unfortunately I didn't get to test that out  yet :( I really enjoyed it though, and found a couple bugs while I was playing, so I hope that helps! Can't wait to see what else comes of this :)

This was a lot of fun! Made me laugh a ton, and I nearly beat it!

I loved this game. It was a lot of fun trying to figure out what chemicals go where and how to mix them together while racing against the clock. It was great to play!

Made a video for this some time ago. It was a lot of fun but I certainly struggled. Beautifully made horror game that got me a couple times! 

I loved this! It was a beautiful game and very easy to play. I liked how everything tied itself together at the end. Nearly got me there :) 

Great game as always! My expectations were blown away as usual. I had a lot of fun with this one :)

Oh boy. I'll preface this with I didn't even finish. You don't want to know what my end time/score was... It was a fun game regardless!

This game is awesome! I posted this to Gamejolt as well, but wanted to put it here (seems better for you guys to see it). I wish you all the best and I hope this game makes it through it's kickstarter!