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If you click the screen and then press X, once the loading finish,  should be work

Thx! yeah totally inspired in that!

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yeah is true. tere is no exit buton, but you can just press scape and then close the tab.
Talking about the block: can you tell us why seems broken?
the block slow you down if you don't block right on time. We make it in this way to prevent block-sploit.  try it with friends and you will understand.

This site is for developers who want to show and sell their games, and for gamers who want new indie games to play. I think.

 thanks for playing!

thx. yeah, the game have some bugs, but if you reload the page the problem is solved 

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hi! don't know if you are trying with a gamepad or a keyboard, so maybe is hard to understand how are the keybendings

In keyboard you have the SHIFT for dash and the SPACEBAR to change color

In xbox gamepad you have the LEFT TRIGGER for dash and the RIGHT TRIGGER to change color

That's the information you need to beat that tutorial.