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Good game, excellent atmosphere! It's like a short horror story. There's only one element I didn't clicked, I think.  Could someone tell me what was the secret?

Very good!

Ok! I wish success in all your future projects, guys!

Great game, guys! Please, make a full game, I would certainly buy this!

Esse jogo é BR? Parece ser muito bom!

Excellent! It's a bit similar to Hidden Folks, with a chinese flavour. I want a full game now!

Great game! Excellent pixel art (the characters are very expressive), detailed graphics, funny script and no bugs! Waiting for the full version!

Excellent! Just waiting for the paid version!

Thanks for this game.

Nice game!

Pô, legal! Eu compraria aqui mesmo, mas tem o lance do dólar... Enfim, boa sorte!

Você posta seus jogos na steam também?

I want a demo, too!

Excellent third part! 

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Thank you! The GOG version hasn't the brazilian portuguese language yet, though.

Excellent game! Played on Steam, I am waiting for the final release!

Eu consegui chegar a dois finais... Tem mais? Ótimo jogo

This happened to me too, I restarted the game and it worked.

I hope there's a sequel titled A Long Hike!

Nice story!

Yep, the comic is not appearing here

Nice game! I am glad the character found another home!